The Up and Coming

Here it is. The list. The list of things I have yet to do and will hopefully, in 181 days, say I have done. I will constantly be changing this list, adding more (I have not yet come up with 181 things- it’s harder than it looks!) or possibly removing some. I am always open to suggestions for new things, in fact I would appreciate them. Please let me know what you would like to see me do and I will try to make it happen!  This list is in no particular order.


(1) learn to drive stick-shift

(2) go cross-country skiing

(3) go on a blind date

(4) bake an apple pie

(5) eat authentic Trini food

(6) riding the Gravitron

(7) sprint a half mile

(8) sing public karaoke

(9) attend a Catholic mass

(10) wear false eyelashes

(11) learn to knit

(12) attend a coalition meeting

(13) cut someone’s hair (any takers??)

(14) using a chainsaw

(15) get a pedicure

(16) learn to play the violin

(17) attend a yoga class

(18) pay for the car behind me in a drive-thru

(19) go to a fish hatchery

(20) throw the first pitch at a ball game

(21) make something with a sewing machine

(22) engage a stranger in conversation for at least 10 minutes

(23) take a belly dancing class

(24) paint a room

(25) make jelly

(26) learn and play the game of Risk

(27) eat a real Philly cheesesteak

(28) go to a strawberry festival

(29) learn to dive

(30) cook and de-shell a lobster

(31) go to the community firehouse breakfast

(32) go horse-back riding

(33) participate in a Relay For Life event

(34) learn to tie a bow tie

(35) sell something on Craigslist

(36) taking a tour of Bethlehem Steel

(37) drive a boat (I’ll have to get my license prior to, which is another new thing)

(38) mow a lawn

(39) go long boarding

(40) hike Bake Oven Knob for the sunrise

(41) lead a kayak group for L. L. Bean’s ODS

(42) go fly-fishing

(43) make sushi

(44) do a DIY hair mask and face mask

(45) go bird watching

(46) play a game of street chess with a stranger

(47) buy pets at Pet Co.

(48) go to Allentown’s Plaza Grower’s Market

(49) use a dremel

(50) go to the vet with my pet

(51) go to Love Park in Philly and take pics with the Love statue

(52) doing doughnuts in my car

(53) eat Kenyan food

(54) tour and learn about Fibermark/paper saturation

(55) take a Tai Chi class

(56) self-educate myself on something I don’t know anything about

(57) milk a cow

(58) take a swimming lesson (to learn different strokes-I can’t do any!)

(59) make coffee with a coffee maker

(60) run through my emergency escape route

(61) take a self-defense class

(62) casting my hands

(63) go snow-shoeing

(64) play the trumpet

(65) make a kite

(66) make waffle cones

(67) test drive a car off the lot

(68) visit Martin Guitar factory & museum

(69) get my boat license

(70) write a letter to service men

(71) learn kayak water rescues

(72) write a haiku

(73) do a chinese fire drill

(74) bake bread

(75) make soap to give as gifts

(76) go to the Bethlehem Area Public Library BookMobile

(77) crash a wedding

(78) dye clothes (not tie-dye)

(79) go skinny-dipping

(80) wax my arms

(81) go ghosting (watch it here, forward to 1:50 –

(82) learn to juggle

(83) make a hand-print mosaic stone

(84) learn/ play texas hold ’em

(85) make a jean pocket purse

(86) give a reading in a library or classroom

(87) watch a March Madness game

(88) star gaze from my rooftop

(89) play xbox live Call of Duty and Gears

(90) go to an auto spa to clean my car

(91) create a summer ade drink

(92) create a Wonderword puzzle

(93) shave a dog (my dog)

(94) take a public poll

(95) give a baby a bath

(96) have a food fight

(97) participate in a boat parade

(98) scooping out/cleaning a litter box

(99)  go country line-dancing

(100) do henna (DIY with a kit maybe?)

(101) get a professional massage (can’t wait for this one!)

(102) color someone else’s hair

(103) visit the Museum of Indian Culture in Allentown

(104) learn to change a car tire

(105) play the didgeridoo

(106) go to a VW car show

(107) go to the beach in the winter

(108) make meatballs and gravy (with the Mrs. Krempa!)

(109) cook a meal on a grill (no, I have never grilled!)

(110) write a letter to the editor

(111) put air in my car’s tires

(112) make dried apple chips

(113) go mud-sledding

(114) bake cookies for the neighbors

(115) watch It’s a Wonderful Life

(116) go 3- step hiding (  …forward to 2:00 minutes)

(117) longboard

(118) make truffles

(119) make fastnachts for Fastnacht Day!

(120) apply for The Bachelor

(121) get buried in the sand

(122) try drinking breast milk

(123) pee on the side of the highway

(124) making pesto

(125) participate in the Merell Down & Dirty National Mud Run (July 17th)

(126) take pictures with the Easter Bunny

(127) watch Casablanca

(128) watch The Godfather

(129) read The Catcher in the Rye

(130) painting pottery at a studio

(131) learn to sail

(132) take a trip to IKEA ( I feel so out of the loop not having done this already)

(133) attend the midnight premiere of a movie (happening July 15th for Harry Potter!)

(134) wear duct tape on my back for x amount of time (for posture…never heard of it? well now you have!)

(135) make a list identifying 100 things that make me happy

(136) participate in a drum circle

(137) go to a rotating bar (yes these exist…and yes i’m going to one March 19th!)

(138) make my own fabricated note cards (i’ve seen really cool ones in Barnes & Noble)

(139) make my own birthday cake! (does anyone ever do this?)

(140) representing Italy in a world fair

(141) build a tower out of cards (maybe try to use an entire deck?)

(142) see one of the Great Lakes

(143) make cowhide moccasins

(144) explore/visit Ithaca, NY

(145) go to a movie at the theater alone

(146) make a clock

(147) fill gas cans for a boat

(148) learn to make a flower arrangement

(150) go to the saucon valley farmer’s market

(151) learning to play the accordion

(152) make a little model boat

(153) enter a video-submission contest

(154) getting a facial

(155) learn to hula-hoop

(156) camping in the backyard

(157) silk-dye easter eggs

(158) having an archery lesson

(159) watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s

(160) watch My Fair Lady

(161) participate in the Promenade’s “What Women Want” health and wellness event

(162) learn how to create/edit movies

(163) take my dog to a dog park

(164) make mozzarella cheese (it turned out ricotta!)

(165) play a piano-duet (maybe in front of people!)

(166) read a Farewell to Arms

(167) use a marshmallow gun

(168) blow Easter eggs

(169) dish up a pita at Pita Pit

(170) be a clown for a child’s birthday

(171) go to and learn about a greenhouse, help plant something

(172) buy lottery tickets/ games

(173) attend a Monte Carlo night

(174) make a volcano

(175) proctor an SAT session

(176) write to Prince William and Princess Catherine

(177) post-it note someone’s car

(178) fork someone’s yard

(179) paddleboard

(180) gathering eggs from a chicken coop

(181) finish this blog!









11 Comments on “The Up and Coming”

  1. breanne Says:

    keep me updated on these ones:
    -learn how to knit
    -cook a turkey
    -visit the statue of liberty & the empire state building
    -bake an apple pie
    -get a pedicure (haha okay, this isn’t at all new to me but i need a reason to splurge once in a while)
    -witness a birth — maybe i’ll have to keep YOU updated on when this one can happen ;)

  2. Hiliary Says:

    Sarah!! I’m loving this process so far; such a fun thing to do. There are a few that I could help you out with.
    – snowmobiling (my parents have one!!!)
    – horse back riding (my uncle has 3 or 4 and lives approx. 2 miles from me!!)
    seriously, such a fun thing to do!!

  3. Rachel Says:

    I’ve got you covered on numbers 5, 6, 46, and 57! :)

  4. katie lehman Says:

    I could help you with the personal training part! Let me know if you are interested. We could do it at a gym or inhome, let me know.. Good luck with this! Check out this book for some other ideas: “The Happiness Project”

  5. […] was something I could add to my blog list (I still don’t have close to 181 things to do! View the Up and Coming and help me add some!). So today, I finally did it. And thank goodness, at the time I’m […]

  6. […] then. I love animals and therefore love aquariums and zoos so I put the fish hatchery on my blog list. I was planning on taking this trip a couple of weeks ago, when we were having a rainy, cold day, […]

  7. Kitty Says:

    Just thought of one- if you haven’t done this before: Make your own pasta… without the pasta machine. I did this once before, and would actually do it again if I had the time- the plus is the pasta tastes good, and you get abs and upper arm strength. The downside of it all is, if you aren’t in shape before, you are in pain a couple days after. The process is fun, too- I tried to follow the techniques and lets just say egg got everywhere and the countertop was a disaster. Email me if you want the recipe I used :)

    • Sarah Sullivan Says:

      i would love to use that, i love pasta! but i’ve already done that! in italy i took a cooking class and one of the lessons was making our own pasta. thanks though kitty!

  8. Marie Says:

    Sarah, why didn’t I ever hear about this amazing blog?! Can I get in on an activity?

    • Sarah Sullivan Says:

      yes you can! where are even living now? i don’t know, you travel around so much! it only goes through july (thankgoodness)

      • Marie Says:

        I’m in CT for now, but I wouldn’t mind taking a trip down to see you :-)

        My preferred activities from your list that have not yet been accomplished: visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art, visit the Edgar Allen Poe house in Philly, blow something up, visit the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State building, milk a cow, ride a zip line, crash a wedding, be in the audience for a TV show/ talk show, go up in a hot-air balloon, learn to sail, smash something big to pieces with a bat, get a boat licence, drive a motorcycle, go 3- step hiding.

        Let me know; I’d love to be involved with this awesome project!

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