Day 178:Doing Doughnuts

I remember the first and only time I was a passenger in a car that was doing doughnuts, and it was possibly the best time of my life. However, I’ve found that being the driver of the car is a whole different story. At least for me it is.

Tonight, my sister, Bec, came with me as I attempted to do doughnuts (doughnuts with my car… if you didn’t figure that part out yet:). It was somewhat terrifying. I spun my wheel hard and held it, that being the easy part, but I just couldn’t seem to make myself go very fast. I mean… I felt like we were going fast, but Bec was apparently not impressed.

I just felt like my car was going to flip over at any second, sending me skidding across the pavement. And I could hear my tires squealing, and feel them starting to skid. Why in the world would I want to go faster? I wouldn’t!

Here is a video Bec took while I was driving. That little liar told me she was taking a picture! Sorry you can’t see anything, but that makes two of us. I pretty much had my eyes squeezed shut throughout the whole ordeal. (Bec would want you to take note of my little laugh at 0:20)

After trying to coax me to go faster (more like demanding it:), Bec made me switch seats with her so I could experience a “real” doughnut. (My previously mentioned experience was years ago). She sped up the car and then yanked the wheel to the left. I let out a terrified and distressed shriek as my body slammed into the passenger door. I begged her stop as we spun and spun. Finally she complied and I got off the ride.

I think I’ll stick to eating doughnuts, and not driving them.

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