Day 173: Fly Casting

Being the girl that I am, I’ve always had a draw towards pretty things… like ribbons and such. So I guess it’s no surprise that I’ve always wanted learn fly fishing, which is kind of like fishing with a ribbon. Kind of.

I participated in one of L.L. Bean’s Outdoor Discovery School programs, and was one of only 2 participants in my group. Of course, with my luck, the other guy was declared a “natural” by our instructor, and was supposedly even better than some guys who have done it all their lives.

I could’ve taken this as a bad thing, you know having to try to look half decent next to the king, however, I chose to use it to my benefit. Not only did it take a lot of attention of my less-than-perfect casts, but It also gave me a chance to see a beautiful form to which I could only hope to imitate.

But, I was told that I was a quick learner, and because I knew what I was doing wrong  and when I was doing it, I was able to progress nicely as the lesson went on. By the time I left, I actually “threw out” (no idea if this is proper terminology) a couple of beautiful casts.

Did I catch anything? No. Not unless you count my own hair.

I did learn one valuable lesson, though. When I learned that you could catch shark with a fly rod, I was shocked and asked the one instructor if he did. His reply was, “Well, you can, but I don’t. I have a rule about that.” (Humoring the guy, I took his bait -pun- and asked what his rule was.)

“It’s simple,” he said. “If can eat me, I don’t catch it.”

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