Day 172: Camping in the backyard

I feel like I missed out on a very important childhood experience: camping out in my backyard. I remember trying to do it once, but I think I chickened out. If not, I must have blocked it from my memory because it was so awful. I’m 23 years old now and if I can’t even make it through a night in my backyard, then what can I do? I’m doing it.

Despite the Excessive Heat Advisory that we’re under right now, tonight is a great night to camp out, because my family currently has house guests that are using my bed. So I might as well sleep upon the grass God gave us.

I recently went out to check on my tent and found a bug sitting on my sheet. I decided right then to always keep my tent zippered shut. Nothing is getting in my tent but me. Well, and the extension cord that is providing power for me fan. Yes, I brought out a fan. Don’t judge me, it’s hot!

I will be keeping you posted with how the night goes.


So, it is currently 12:27 a.m., and I am in a tent in my backyard listening to creepy bug sounds and trying not to sweat. Accuweather is telling me that it is currently 85 degrees with a real feel of 97. Those numbers should have easily driven me inside long ago, however it feels surprisingly cool in my tent, as if the real feel is only 90. :)

No, the heat can’t drive me away from this experience. But I’ll tell you what can, and just might: the creepiness. I am kind of freaking out. And with every new noise, my fear level rises. At any second, a robber or murderer could be walking by, see my computer screen light through the tent, and come attack me. And what’s worse is that my glasses’ prescription isn’t up to date, so I won’t be able to get a good look at his face to describe him to the police! (If I would even live long enough to get the police!)

-Oh gosh, the weird bug noise stopped. The only time I heard it stop before was when I walked from my tent to the house… which means it stops when people are moving nearby. Which means that someone is nearby. Oh my gosh. Oh wait- it started again. Thank goodness.I’m trying to continue writing so that my mind is kept occupied until I’m ready to fall asleep. And I’m hoping that the typing noise will scare any animals away. Annd I also want to be prepared to immediately describe the scene if someone was to attack me all of the sudden. Wow, I am really thinking too much.

OK, so I’m going to try to sleep now, and hopefully I won’t melt into a puddle or get abducted, and can finish and post this blog tomorrow. This is ridiculous. I mean- I love this! Camping in the backyard is fun! I want to do this every night!

But seriously, morning can’t come fast enough.


I’M ALIVE! It’s 7:30 a.m. and the sun is up, the shadow of night gone. Thank you, Lord, for getting me through! Once I fell asleep (which took like an hour after I put my computer down), the night turned out to be pretty decent and uneventful. I did wake up 2 or 3 times, took in the moon-lit outdoors with my foggy brain, and rolled over to sleep again. Surprisingly I got so chilled that I covered up with my sheet before falling asleep, and then added a blanket halfway through the night! Not bad for a night in the middle of a heat wave. Oh, the power of plastic fan blades spinning in a circle powered by electricity.

Having survived the camping “trip”, I can now say it was adventurous and somewhat fun. However, if you asked me to do it again by myself, I might have a very different opinion.

And did I mention yet how great it is to hear birds singing in the morning? It is probably the nicest thing my ears have heard. This said after a night of terror.

I will most likely not be the fun Aunt Sarah that takes her nephew camping out back. Camping out on the family room floor? Yes, please.

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2 Comments on “Day 172: Camping in the backyard”

  1. Deb Says:

    awww you look too pretty for camping lol!

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