Day 171: Getting a facial!

I’m sitting here with glowing, baby-soft skin and thinking that I could totally live out my days at a spa. Why have I never gotten a facial before? They are fabulous! Also fabulous is my wonderful friend, Lexi, who is a student at Empire Beauty School and works wonders on your skin. She was the one who gave me the facial.

The whole process only took about 20 minutes or so, but it was 20 minutes of luxury. I felt like I had just done shots of sleepy time tea. The room was dark, relaxing music was playing the background, and I had two hands massaging oils and scrubs onto my face. I was just about gone when Lexi put the mask on my face and had to step away for a few minutes. I slowly sat up in the chair, took a look around me and had to laugh. There were about 6 white zombies looking at me. I shook the dreams from my mind, but nope, they were still there. OK, so maybe they weren’t really zombies. They were actually the other students’ clients that already had their facial masks on. Which meant that I must have looked like a zombie as well.

Not caring a thing about what I looked like, I laid my head back again and waited for Lexi’s return. I was very excited when she came back with a hot towel, which she laid across my face. Yes, it did just get better.

Once the mask was wiped off, more oil was massaged in, my skin now feeling like butter. A minute later, when she took off the hair cap and the apron, my heart sank. It was over. I wanted to throw a tantrum like my nephew, Jake, does when he doesn’t get his way, because I sure wasn’t getting mine! I never wanted that facial to end.

All it was missing was some cucumber slices and a cute guy bringing me iced tea.


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