Day 168: Making Pesto!

When I lived in Italy, one of my favorite things to do was get fresh food from the central market. There was a woman there who had the best fresh, homemade pesto (and gnocchi and ravioli!). For the 3 months following my return to the States, I dreamed about it every night. It was much better than the pesto I had first been introduced to at the hospital I worked at (even if they were ranked top 10 for food!), and it was much better than anything I’ve ever bought from a store here. So when I saw a pesto recipe on my favorite food blog, The Purple Foodie, my mouth started watering and I knew I had to make it.

The process is super easy, the ingredients simple, and the recipe was adapted from Barefoot Contessa’s. How could this pesto fail? How could I mess up?

Now, I won’t hold you in suspense and I’ll skip right to the results- the pesto turned out mouth-wateringly incredible.  However, I did run into some bumps on the road of making it, as only I can.

About 2 minutes in, I found myself in my backyard,  with prickers in my feet, searching my mom’s gardens. I was on a mission to find basil. She had said she had some, and I was going to find it. The only problem was that I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for. Now, before you laugh at me, I’ll have you know that I have used fresh basil multiple times before and I had visions in my mind of what it looked like, but it’s just that those visions were blurred. I finally picked a clump of greens that I thought could be it, smelled them, and then took them inside to my sister to see if she could determine for me if it was, in fact, basil.

She didn’t know either. So we googled it, compared it, and smelled it some more… and then I threw it out, whatever it is. Feeling ridiculous and disappointed (I just wanted pesto!), I resigned myself to waiting until my mom came home.

An hour later, I was well on my way to becoming the world’s greatest gourmet chef. I put dollops of my perfected pesto onto triscuits and walked into the room where my mom and 2 sisters were, the smell of Italian heaven following me. They loved it. Deb promptly told me to go back to the kitchen and bring the rest in for them. Seeing that The Bachelorette had come back on the TV, I declined her request and sat down. So they got up and went into the kitchen.

5 minutes later, when the next commercial came on, I skipped into the kitchen to have some more pesss…. what?! They ate all my pesto! I held up the glass container that had previously been full of green liquid gold and eyed the last small clumps that remained. Before anyone could even blink, I took a cracker and scooped up the rest, claiming the last bit as my own.

I mean, I knew they liked it, but I didn’t think I’d have to hide it in my bedroom to get some! Oh well…. you know what this means. I’ll just have to make some more tomorrow.


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