Day 166: The GRAVITRON

It was many years ago, at the Hellertown carnival, when I first set my sights on the Gravitron. I remember thinking it looked like an alien spacecraft, and being to chicken to ride it myself, listened to my sisters describe their gravity-defying experience. I haven’t been the same since.

Tonight, opportunity had once more stepped up to the pitcher’s mound, and I stepped up to home plate. I stepped foot onto the alien spacecraft, I defied gravity. I rode the Gravitron.

… And it was awesome. What have I been doing all these years?! I have been missing out on the second most wonderful man-made thing (after ice cream, of course)! I have never experienced this before, and I am telling you I haven’t laughed that hard for that long in as far back as I can remember! Basically, the Gravitron is this big empty, circular spaceship. You stand along the wall on one of these long pads, and it starts spinning so fast that you are suction-cupped to the wall. The ship also rotates up and down, and this causes your pad to slide to the roof or back to the floor, taking you with it. No strapping-in required. You just stand there.

I convinced my sister, Bec, to go to the carnival with me, however, I knew I would be riding the Gravitron alone. Apparently she didn’t have the greatest memories of it. (I don’t know why my memory of her memories are awesome, but oh well) Yet, once she saw the enchanting piece of metal, she couldn’t help herself and we both got in the ticket line.

Now picture this: the carnival is dead. Not many people are walking around and workers are just waiting for someone to walk up to their ride. The Gravitron was no exception. The ride looked dead. So much so, that we first asked him if it was even still running. Thank goodness it was! So walking up to the ride, we are realizing that it might just be the two of us on it. We were wrong.

As we entered the the spaceship, our eyes adjusted to the dim light, and the first thing we noticed was a man to our left, standing against the side of the wall. Well, he wasn’t just standing, really. He was pressed up against the wall, completely still, his eyes wide, his face showing his nervous state. Frankly, it looked as if he had no friends, never got out of his house, and had to use every piece of will power to get himself to step into this ride, thinking it the craziest, scariest thing ever. One brief glance had told me all this, and it was hysterical. Not even looking at each other, but immediately sensing what the other was thinking, Bec and I burst out laughing. I just couldn’t help it!  This turned out to be a good forecast of what was to come, because laugh was all I did the next 2 minutes. And I laughed hard.  Like “your stomach is cramping up and your face is covered in tears” hard. The spaceship started spinning faster and faster and faster, causing our bodies to be pressed up against the wall so intensely that we had the ability to turn upside if we wanted to. Not that I did, although, Bec had done it so many years ago, so we knew it was possible.

As my tears got pulled out of my eyes and across my cheeks to the wall, my vision became a blur of twinkling lights and all I could focus on was the sound of Bec’s and my laughter mixed with Usher’s smooth voice belting out “More”. Oh and did I mention the funny guy across the way was making noises akin to an owl’s “whoo”-ing? Yes, he just got funnier.

Walking off that ride was so sad. I mean, we were still laughing hysterically until we were like 50 feet away, but in my mind I was so sad. I couldn’t stop laughing from the dizzy, happy sensation that had come over me, but I just wanted to turn around and run back on for more! Usher sang it right, I wanted more. It was awesome. Seriously, I just want to be on it right now.

You must check out your local carnival and see if they have this ride. I actually don’t know if the Gravitron is the proper name for it, or if that’s just what my sister called it, haha, but it is worth every cent of your over-priced carnival tickets!

OOOH I just looked at my pictures and it’s called the Starship! But I’m still calling it the Gravitron.


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2 Comments on “Day 166: The GRAVITRON”

  1. Emily Says:

    You missed out on the best part, the only way to ride the gravitron is upside down. As soon as you feel alittle bit of force, you basically run yourself up the wall till your feet are facing the ceiling. It’s way more fun that way.

  2. Heather Says:

    I LOVE the gravitron! It’s a tradition to go with my nephews every year at the beach. however, in my old age, I am less active. we used to do sit-ups and lay upside down. Now, I just lay there feeling oppressed and suffocated, waiting for it to be over! But anything for the nephews!

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