Day 165: Midnight movie premiere: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

I was sitting in my car, frustrated and determined to find a parking spot that was near the theater. No way was I going to walk across the entire Promenade with a jagged scar on my forehead. And with my luck, the fast walk in the heat would cause forehead sweat which, in turn, would cause my scar to drip down my face. Oh, wait… did you think I meant a real scar? No, this scar was the product of eye liner and some serious Harry Potter-picture concentration. I was getting ready to attend the premiere of the latest and last fixture in the Harry Potter series: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II. I had been anticipating this night for weeks now, and had come almost 2 hours early to pick up my tickets and beat the traffic rush. Yes, I would find a parking spot in this lot.

Someone finally decided their stomach was full enough, and was leaving a restaurant near the theater. I triumphantly snagged the spot.

As I approached the theater, I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. Wizards and Harry Potters had taken over the promenade! And, wait a second, you have got to be kidding me. The local 69 News Station is here?

I quickly summed up the enormity surrounding this movie. I mean, sure, I like Harry Potter, but I would never have paid $15 dollars to see it in theater or drawn on my face were it not for my blog. Apparently, I was surrounded by people whose feeling were a bit stronger than mine. OK, 500,000,000 times stronger than mine. There were at least 200 people waiting in a line in front of the theater. My heart sank. This was going to take forever to get these tickets and get in. And then I noticed that all these people were roped off in a section that read “12:30 IMAX”. Oh phew! Those people were all waiting for a different showing, a later one then my own 3D 12:01 showing. As I walked past them, a realization hit me: If the fans waiting outside the theater were for a later showing, then where were the fans for my earlier showing??

As I stepped up to the ticket counter, and for a second was surprised that there wasn’t much of a line at all for tickets. Then I realized that like me, everyone had bought these tickets the hour they went on sale a week ago. I talked to the guy behind the counter and my worries  had come true. They had let everyone into the theaters for the 12:01 showings already. He said people were lined up at 5. AT FIVE! (I would gladly wait in line for much longer if I were to see Harry Windsor, but Harry Potter? No.) Well, this was just not good. Two of my friends who met me there went in to try to save us some seats, and I waited for the other 2 friends I was meeting, fully entertained by the crazed fans around me and the costumes they were in. The funny thing was that the workers at the theater seemed totally un-phased by it. I was just laughing.










While I was waiting, I kept getting texts from my friends saving seats. Good news was she found some together. Bad news was, she wasn’t going to be able to stand against the angry and disapproving stares for long. We needed to come fill those seats asap. I was getting nervous at this point, feeling very rushed and panicked, but I didn’t know why! All the commotion and excitement around me was taking over!

Fifteen minutes later, the five of use were all in our seats, safe and sound… well, except for the fact that we were surrounded by crazies. We now had to wait an hour for the movie to start. Fortunately for us, our theater buddies kept us well entertained. And fortunately for you, I got some on video.

This made me laugh. This just made made me feel bad for the girls with no life.

Finally the movie started. By this point, I was so, so excited to see it. I had watching the two HP movies leading up to this one in the two days before, and was so glad that I didn’t have to wait any longer to see the final one.

Too bad I’m not going to tell you what happens. But, I will tell you that it was AWESOME. I’m not a huge fan of 3D movies, but this one was totally great. I felt like I was right there, battling it out against Lord Voldemort.

Towards the end of the movie, when all the big action happened, the whole theater would cheer or boo or laugh at all the right moments. It was great. The clapping at the end, I thought would never stop, and when the lights came back on, I found myself laughing all over again at the costumes. I had momentarily forgotten that I was sitting among wizards and elves and Potters, until they all starting getting up out of their seats.

When we walked out, I was in for another surprise. Getting out was almost as hard as getting in! The halls were packed with people waiting in lines outside every theater for the next showings. We pushed through the crowd and I shouted ‘Hey’s to different people that I knew. We were like one big, happy, harry family.

I'll admit- I did love the Harry Potter glasses!





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