Day 164: Food Fight!

I don’t know whether I should be thankful or disappointed that I have never been involved in a food fight up until today. It’s disgusting. I have baked bean juice crusted on my arm and sticky spaghetti noodle residue in my hair. This seemed like such a great idea last night.

The fight consisted of four, and I was up against a 9 year-old and 2 5 year-olds. Literally. It seemed like they were all against me. I guess this makes sense, seeing as how my age and height guaranteed me domination. It also helped that for the first part of the fight, the 5 year-old twins hid in the garage, giving me a one-on-one chance with their older brother.

The spaghetti noodles were great ammo because if you missed your target, they stayed clumped together, allowing you to run by and pick up the clump to use again and again. The beans… not so much.

Anytime I got Bobby even a foot within my reach I tried to ground beans into his hair as much as possible. (After the fight, he told me that we had to have a rematch later on, when I wasn’t taller then him, because he couldn’t reach my hair!)

At one point, I found myself stalking him around the SUV parked in the driveway, a pile of beans in my hand. I stuck my head around the other side, and upon finding it empty, realized my mistake a second too late. The same second I felt beans shooting into my back. I gasped and turned around to see little Matthew with a triumphant smile on his face.

So the twins came out to battle and I was now up against 3. Well, 4 if you count their mom cheering on the sideline, taunting them to gang up against me, meanwhile getting all the action on tape.

Julia was an easy target as she squealed and ran at the sight of the beans. Matthew got an idea in his head and walked over to the container with the remaining beans. Before I could even move to take cover, the container flipped into the air, sending slimy, sticky, cold beans everywhere. This was enough fight for anyone and we soon called it quits and got out the hose.

Disgusting. I’m glad the pudding I had been planning on making didn’t turn out… although I’d rather have dried chocolate on my arm right now than a dried bean and noodle goo. It would’ve made a great bedtime snack ;)



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