Day 163: Fake Lashes

I’ve always been somewhat wary of fake eyelashes. I mean, what if someone compliments you with a, “Wow, your eyelashes are so long and beautiful!”? What are you going to say, “Thanks, but in about 2 hours, I’m going to go home and rip them off and stick them back on their little plastic holder.” ? Now that is what I call embarrassing.

Fake hair color is about as far as I go, but for the sake of the blog, I put my wariness to the side, and donned some fake lashes.

When I finally found the fakes in the drugstore, I had a hard time picking out a pair. I couldn’t believe that you didn’t just have to buy the lashes, but you had to buy a separate adhesive glue! Ridiculous! I bought the only one that came with the glue and was somewhat disappointed with the fact that they weren’t the ones I really wanted. Oh well, they were more budget friendly, and I definitely trust Revlon over “LashGlam”. (I put that in quotations because I refuse to acknowledge it as a real brand of anything)

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit nervous about putting these things on my lashes. It was hard! They ended up being a bit too far up and not right on my lash line, so I had to fill in the space with eye liner. Standing about an inch from the mirror, I finally got them to look just right. I stepped back and WOAH! They looked awful! In the last minute, two spiders had jumped onto my face and were taking over the tops of my eyes! I totally had to trim them, that was just all there was too it. I followed some cutting tips from the directions and finally had some more “natural” looking lashes. (Because there are definitely people out there with lashes 5 feet long, duh!)

Later, my sister, Liz, and I were on our way to meet up with our other sister, Deb for the night. I was driving my not-so-nice, “ghetto” car and making Liz listen to Cat Country 96 with me. All of the sudden, as I’m singing along with Dierks, Liz exclaims, “I feel like a hick! Riding in this car, listening to country.” I look over and smile. “And I’m wearing fake lashes!”

For the record, I am sitting at home right now, still wearing the lashes. I’m nervous about pulling these glued-on strips off my eyelids! Somebody help!


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