Day 162: Making a kite

Today I learned a valuable lesson:Don’t take a cheap, $1 Walmart kite for granted. Appreciate them. At least they can fly.

Yes, that’s right, I made a kite today. Although, I’m not sure if I have gained the right to call it a kite as I wasn’t actually able to get it into the air. That either means there is a problem with my kite or there wasn’t enough steady wind blowing in one direction. I’m going to pick the latter reason for my kite’s failure, which in actuality is my own failure in making it.

This is the- ahem- “wonderful” instruction site I used. I should’ve known that it wasn’t going to turn out well when it says it can be made within a half hour. No flyable kite should be able to be made in a half hour. At least, that is what I’ve decided.

Anyways, the hardest part about this kite was probably trying to find pieces of wood for it. I took a trip to The Home Depot and as soon as I walked through the doors, realized that I was in searching for a mustard seed on the beach. Have you been in that place?! It’s huge! And filled with a lot of… I don’t know, manly stuff. (Well, except for the aisles of pretty lights and faucets and paint samples- I liked those!)

I finally found the right people and they led me to the right aisle and I got my wooden sticks. Super. So I then found myself at home, looking at my sticks and then back to the saw in my hand, knowing that I would have to cut them down to size and knowing that I wasn’t about to make another trip to the beach for more mustard seeds.

Halfway through my kite-making process I realized that I might have used a little too much masking tape. For all I know, this could very well be the one and only reason for my kite not flying. It’s so weighed down with masking tape that it would better serve as a floor mat.

I’ll tell you that the hour it took me to make that kite, I felt like a true redneck; making my own garbage bag kite with Pandora’s Keith Urban station (yes, one of my favorites!) blasting in the background. Maybe that’s another reason why my kite didn’t fly. God was getting back at me for the country music He had to listen to.

My favorite part in the process was, of course, picking out and tying the colorful fabric onto the kite’s tail. It was actually leftover fabric from when I made my fabric cards on Day 49. The colors were a nice touch, seeing as how my kite is the color of death. I don’t know why they can’t make pink trash bags.

I still have hope for my kite. I’d like to think that on a perfect, windy day, it will soar high above the trees. I just hope that it doesn’t fall apart.


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