Day 161: The VAST

Tonight, I attended my first coalition meeting. I wasn’t anxious about it at all, because this meeting was also the coalition’s first meeting. The VAST coalition is “The (Lehigh) Valley Against Sex Trafficking”. It’s co-founders are my sister, Bec, and a friend of ours also from the valley, Heather.

Human trafficking is one of the most horrendous acts that is going on in the world today, and when I say “world”, I don’t just mean far away countries and I don’t just mean big tourist cities. I mean all over the world. Even in your town. The Lehigh Valley is no exception.

I was pleasantly surprised when over 20 people were at The VAST’s first meeting. I had had my doubts. I was even more surprised to see that there were a few men there! This shouldn’t have surprised me, but it did.

Anyways, instead of telling you all about the details of the meeting (there were some pretty interesting characters there!), I just want to give you some information about The VAST and urge you to look into how you can make yourself and your community aware and active in this fight.

VAST (Valley Against Sex Trafficking) is a united movement dedicated to resist the spread of the human trafficking in our Lehigh Valley, PA region and world, to remove its demand and to ensure care and restoration for its victims.

The mission of VAST is “to unite and empower individuals towards awareness, prevention, action, and aftercare efforts in eradicating sex trafficking and exploitation in our communities.”

The next meeting for VAST is September 12 at 7 p.m. at the Truth For Women office in Bethlehem, PA

If you have not before been aware of or knowledgeable on the subject of human trafficking, I urge you to become so. Here is a video If you live in the Lehigh Valley and want to become connected with VAST, you can speak with me or email “”. If you are not in the Lehigh Valley, look into the resources and organizations in your area. It is so important to reach out and help the men, women, and children in need.

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One Comment on “Day 161: The VAST”

  1. Heather Says:

    Thank you, Sarah, for your presence at the meeting and using creative means for advocacy for this vital issue of modern-day slavery!

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