Day 159: Buried Alive!

This morning when I woke up, I felt my arms and legs and thought, “Wow, my skin is rough! It’s time for a spa treatment!” Trouble is, I can’t afford to spend money at a spa. So I opted for the next best thing: an all-natural, full body exfoliation; the best part being that it’s free. Where, do you ask, can one go for a free exfoliation? The beach, of course! (Now, I understand that money goes towards gas to get there, and a ticket to get on the beach, but those are just details, minor details.)

Once I was on the beach, I realized that scalding my feet on the sand and taking a tumble in the waves breaking against the shell-filled shore were not quite doing the trick. My sister and 2 cousins decided that I should be buried in the sand. All of me. Well, not my head of course, because I do need to breathe.

Unfortunately, we had no digging tools, and while I decided that my two God-given hands were sufficient and started a hole, Bec had other ideas. She eyed up the two adorable twin boys we had been watching all day and their two shovels, and determined that we must ask them to help us. For the sake of the blog. I told her that if she wanted them to help, she’d have to go ask them herself, because I was fine using my hands, and slightly uncomfortable at asking the two boys to leave their own monstrous hole.

Before I knew it, the boys’ dad was beside me digging, and urging his kids (now amounting to 3) to do the same. The boys were quite reluctant and looked sad to have to leave their project for some dumb girl who was stupid enough to come to the beach without a shovel (the horror!). Now I felt really bad. However, the dad insisted, and soon I found 7 people telling me to get in the hole.

I lowered myself into my sandy tomb, at least that’s what it felt like it was, and couldn’t help but laugh. This was hysterical. Especially when half the faces above me were unfamiliar. The first couple of piles of sand thrown on me felt annoying and uncomfortable. But soon, I started to relax and it actually felt really weird and kind of cool. Literally, cool. It was a nice escape from the sun! And it was heavy! The dad asked me if I could breathe and when I failed to respond, he noticed my blue face and started to shout, “Someone call 911!” Just kidding. I could breathe.

The next thing I knew, my sister Bec suddenly stood on top of me. “Does this hurt?” Why thank you, Bec. It’s so nice of you to ask me that after your entire body is weighing on my abdomen. And no, it doesn’t hurt. When the boys realized that, although I could feel it, it didn’t hurt to have someone walk across me, they immediately perked up. I soon found myself a doormat to 4 adults and 3 kids. Super.

Throughout the whole ordeal, I couldn’t stop laughing. I don’t know if the sand had magical laughing gas in it or what, but I literally had tears rolling down my sandy cheeks from laughing so hard. Unfortunately I couldn’t use my hands to wipe them away.

I eventually got out of the sand (using my own powerful strength!), and I’m now sitting on my couch, enjoying my smooth, exfoliated legs!

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2 Comments on “Day 159: Buried Alive!”

  1. Morgan Says:

    This is tooooooooo funny.

    And your bathing suit is so chic! What I would have given to be there for this one.

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