Day 156: Paddleboarding

Today I played the part of an Italian gondolier. Except that I wasn’t belting out a romantic tune, and I wasn’t paddling two lovebirds around the Grand Canal in Venice. And, I wasn’t wearing the navy blue and white-striped shirt.

OK, so maybe I wasn’t quite a gondolier, but I sure felt like one. I was like Jesus walking on the water, except that in place of his Creator’s power, I had a plastic board and a long paddle. Give me a break, it’s the best I could do.

If you’re not into water sports and recreation, let me tell you what you’re missing. The new hype is paddleboards. They are emerging everywhere, and for a pretty penny (more like two months rent), you can get your hands on your very own.

I’ve heard they can be somewhat challenging, as you have to stay balanced on top of what looks like a surfboard, and give your core a great workout. Plus, you get the whole “Italian gondolier/ walking on water/ Pocahontas on her canoe” effect that makes you look cool. So, where can I sign up?

As it turned out, two out of the above were true. It was a great workout and I did look cool. However, it wasn’t hard at all! This was a welcome surprise, because I am so sick of falling into the water! (Day 151: Learning how to dive) Although, I have to admit I was hoping that someone (preferably a sister or my mom and not me) would fall and give me something great to write about. It’s always funny when someone else falls. I mean- no… it’s not funny. They could be hurt. :)

Anyways, when you are up and paddling, you feel like you’re literally gliding on your feet on the water’s surface, and you can get up to a nice speed too. I took the board out for a spin down the shoreline of the lake and when I came around a point, I was immediately faced with choppier water and a wave effect. I very quickly decided I wasn’t ready to die and turned around.

I think next time I go out, I’ll make my mom and dad sit on the end of the board and serenade them with romantic Italian songs as I paddle into the sunset. I might even charge them the 200 euros.

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