Day 155: Gassin’ up the boat

So my family wanted to go tubing, but our boat was out of gas. I immediately volunteered for the job of gas-getting. I’ve always wondered what went on between the time when my dad left with the empty gas cans to when he came back with them full. I’ve only ever filled up my car tank with gas, and didn’t know what to expect. Before we left, my mom gave me some instruction. “Make sure you fill up the cans on the ground, and not in the back of the car. You don’t want the fumes mixing.” Or something like that. I wasn’t too sure what she was talking about, but took note: gas cans on the ground.

I was about to get in the car when my brother, Greg, said, “Do you have the gas cans?”

I paused mid-stride. Oops. Can’t forget those!

We were finally on our way, gas cans in the back. Now where we live in New Hampshire, things aren’t so populated. The nearest gas station is about 15 minutes away and only has one pump. Yes, I know… how do they survive? Well… it helps that there are more moose than cars.

When we got there, Greg pulled up to the pump. Wait a second… what’s going on? Isn’t there a special gas station for this gas? I was mildly confused and very disappointed to learn that you get the gas from a regular gas pump!

All these years I had visions of a special pump with a special tube that held special gas! Something similar to the air or propane stations had been in view. What a let down.

I filled the gas cans, ready for an overflow any second, but completed the job without mishap, and was on my home with 10 gallons of gas and a happy smile.

As it turns out, I never did go tubing that day.



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