Day 154: Participating in a boat parade

Every year on the 4th of July, Crystal Lake has a boat parade, and every year on the 4th of July, my family goes out on the dock and waves to them. It’s just what people do up here. Funny though, we’ve never actually thought about joining the boat parade ourselves. Maybe that’s because it is kind of pathetic. Well this year, my sister, Bec, decided she wanted to be in it.

So when 2 o’clock rolled around, Bec, Deb and I, and our friend Lydia, grabbed a flag, jumped in the boat, and headed out to join the parade. The only thing was, was that we didn’t know where it was starting. We started scanning the perimeter of the lake, but only saw a few boats pulling skiers. Bec looked a bit deflated. “There aren’t any boats doing it! No one’s doing it this year!” This didn’t surprise us as we’re still surprised by the fact that the parade survived to last year.

Just when we thought all hope was gone, we spotted a short line of boats coming around the far lake corner,  making there way along the shore. “There it is!” She gunned the engine and off we went.

It was pathetic. The “parade” consisted of 8 boats. Ours made 9.  That was it. We started laughing over this fact, when we realized that more boats were joining up with the parade as it went.

So there we were, going about 10 mph, waving our flag, yelling “Happy birthday, America” and honking out little little toot of a horn. It was great. Some families and kids were out on their docks or in the water, waving back at us. I felt like a celebrity, sitting in the front of the boat giving the “Miss America” wave. And there were now 15 boats in the parade!

And then I felt a drop. Two drops. Lots of drops! Was it raining?! All of the sudden, gray clouds took over the sky and it started pouring. We wrapped up in some towels and Lydia took a cue from the boat behind us and used a life jacket for protection. It now looked like we had the Virgin Mary sitting in the front of our boat (see picture below).


You could tell everyone on their boats were hesitant about staying in the parade, but wouldn’t leave until the next boat left, thus keeping the whole parade intact. Finally we started hearing thunder and knew our parade had come to an end. It was excellent timing because we were just approaching our house and pulled right into our dock. As we separated from the parade, I started chanting with the 5 year-old boy in the boat ahead of us. “Happy”- “4th!” “Happy”- “4th!”

As I got out of the boat, I looked back at the lake and saw boats zooming off in all directions trying to make it back to their house before the lightening started. Oh well. It was great while it lasted.

Happy Birthday, America.



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