Day 153: Dipping… in the skinny

Imagine a perfect New Hampshire night. The sky is dark, the air is cool, and the lake is calm. The bugs aren’t biting and the men of the family are setting up a campfire in the yard. And my sisters and I are skinny-dipping with the fish

Now I’ll have you know that it took every ounce of convincing that my body could drum up throughout the day to make sure that my sisters (coughdebcough) were actually going to go with me. We had planned to go at 9 0’clock, right as it got dark, and when the time rolled around, we found ourselves standing on the dock, not quite ready to get into the water.

Here’s what went down: The rule was you had to swim out to the raft and back (note: Beck wasn’t with us when we made this rule). By the time Bec joined us, Deb, Susanna and I had almost reached it. We got up on the raft and laid there for a few minutes when all of the sudden Beck whispered loudly, “Get in the water, there’s a boat!”

I turned, saw the lights getting close to the raft, and immediately jumped in. Susanna was laying close to the edge and just rolled into the water, but Deb just sat up and said, “Oh, they can’t see us!” Still a few feet from the raft, Bec was like “Deb, yes they can, I can easily see you!” I looked just in time to see Deb scream and jump from the raft, arms flailing. At this point we are all laughing hysterically, barely keeping ourselves afloat. Susanna and Deb, taking note of the fact that Bec had yet to reach the raft, and knowing the boat was even closer now, yelled to her, “Bec, you have to get up on the raft. That’s the rule!” (This was not the original rule, but she didn’t know that, and I didn’t hesitate to agree with them.) Sister pressure is the worse, and Bec, knowing she couldn’t fight against it, threw herself up the ladder onto the raft, and not even pausing, ran and leaped off the other side, her legs still kicking in the air. I was laughing so hard that I was practically choking on water, but refused to let my feet make any contact with the nasty lake bottom, where I was sure snakes were waiting for them.

We started to make our way back to the dock, and when we were about half way, Bec pulled out the oldest trick in the book and screamed, “Deb, there’s a snake!” If Deb wasn’t swimming fast before, she was sure booking it now, letting frantic screams out. We were all just laughing at her… that is until we noticed our mom nonchalantly walking off the dock… with all of our clothes and towels!

We started yelling at her. “Mom, that’s not funny!”, “It’s cold!”, “Fine! I’m just going to walk up to the house naked!”, “I’m going to hyperventilate!” This last one, coming from Susanna, who’s allergic to cold, seemed to get her attention, and she brought the towels back.

A half hour later we were all sitting around the campfire, cozy, warm, and clothed. Laughing over the events of the night, we decided that this was definitely going to be an annual event.

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2 Comments on “Day 153: Dipping… in the skinny”

  1. Kellyn Says:

    How have you never skinny-dipped before? Maine skinny-dipping was a tradition when I was younger. Hilarious.

    • Sarah Sullivan Says:

      I was just always a more privat person? Haha I don’t know. But yea people always go up here I just never have. Not anymore, it’s a tradition now!

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