Day 152: The first swimming lesson of many…

They say being the youngest in a family comes with many perks. Well I am telling you now that this is not always the case. Exhibit A:  A couple has 5 daughters. When the daughters were young, they spent their summers at a pool, and soon took swimming lessons from a nice gentleman that also attended that pool. That is, all but the youngest. No, the youngest got jipped out of swimming lessons and was instead subjected to the shoddy job the sisters did in “showing” her what they learned.

If you haven’t already guessed where this is going, then you’re not too bright. I am the youngest daughter and I was jipped out of my swimming lessons! I spent the first 10 years of my life doing the “doggy paddle” and these last 10 years doing the “frog” swim (at least that’s what it looks like) and what sort of resembles the breast stroke.

I’ve always wanted to have a swim lesson, but the closest I’ve gotten is sitting by the pool at Swim-‘N-Zone watching the 3 kids I nanny-ed get their own lessons. I can assure you that this does not count.

My sister, Susanna, is a great swimmer and has been a swim instructor herself, so I asked her to give me a lesson. We decided I’d start learning how to swim freestyle which, despite its name, does not mean you can swim in whatever style you want. After a half hour lesson, I also found out that it can be translated to mean “learning to breath awkwardly and getting water up the nose”. This sucked.

The hardest part for me was getting my breathing right and keeping my chin down when turning my head in and out of the water. It didn’t help that I had to look straight down into the murky, mucky, fishy, scummy lake bed underneath me. I’d rather not know what’s there, thank you very much. Half way through the lesson, when things weren’t looking so good, Susanna informed me that most people need multiple lessons to finally get proper freestyle form. Gee, you think you could’ve told me that sooner? Maybe before we decided on learning this stupid stroke?

Thankfully, Susanna is a great teacher and I was able to just enjoy learning and not get frustrated about not perfecting (or even looking half-decent at) the stroke. However, there were some mishaps during our lesson: My first pair of goggles broke. This wasn’t good, because they were really my dad’s. Oops. I also kept running into seaweed and gasping with surprise, forgetting that my mouth was underwater. (My throat is still a bit scratchy.) And, after Susanna let me practice without having her hold my one arm, I kept forgetting that I had that arm and ended up not using it, This made me look like an awkward, half- person fish thing. Not necessarily the ending result we had hoped for.

Yet, at the end of the lesson, I at least knew how  to do the stroke, and knew what I needed to fix to do it. I am super excited to practice the next few days, and I’ll give you an update.

I’ll also be sending you an invitation to my swim party next month. Michael Phelps already RSVP’d and said he’d bring me my very own pair of indestructible goggles!



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2 Comments on “Day 152: The first swimming lesson of many…”

  1. nate Says:

    i think even i got a swim lesson at your family’s pool once. it was great.

    • Sarah Sullivan Says:

      I’m glad you have that great memory, but we never had a family pool. haha, at silver creek cc, maybe?

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