Day 151: Learning how to dive… yes, really

You know when you were a kid and you decided to having jumping contests with all your friends? Usually there was always a diving contest to see who has the best form. And you know how there was always one sad, little kid sitting by themselves watching? Well that was me. I always had to watch the other kids diving, because I didn’t know how. And up until today, I still didn’t.

It’s not that I didn’t want to learn. In fact, I think I was shown how a few times over the years. I just never did it. I was too chicken, maybe. Here’s the thing: I have this weird fear of falling. Especially into water. About two years ago I went cliff jumping in Italy and had ended up with a tail bone injury so bad that it took a year and half to heal. So you can imagine that that experience didn’t help with my fear. Now, I don’t mind jumping feet first into water if it’s only a couple of feet, but even that isn’t my preference.

So there I was today, standing on our raft with my sister and dad, with an extra audience of 4 watching from shore. I choked. I couldn’t do it. The past few weeks that I had diving on my blog list, I had thought it would be no problem. But today… I just couldn’t do it. My sister, Liz, even came out and showed me an example dive (and the water temperature was definitely not inviting), telling me when she resurfaced that it didn’t hurt at all.

My Dad even went so far as to lie to me. “Even if you do a belly flop, they don’t hurt from this height!” Of course when we asked him to demonstrate one, he gave us an excuse about his sinuses.

Ten minutes later, the scene hadn’t changed. I was still standing on the raft, looking at the water, feeling like a 2 year-old.

Ten more minutes later and the only change was in the air, from my sister telling me to hurry up so she could go take a shower.

So, after saying a quick prayer, I squeezed my eyes shut, and finally took the plunge.

YES! I did it! It felt so good climbing back up that ladder, knowing the worst was behind me, and it was so harmless, as I knew it would be.

I made myself do it a couple more times, with some instruction from my sisters, so that I could get more comfortable with it, but soon swam to shore, elated to be done with it. I hate diving.


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One Comment on “Day 151: Learning how to dive… yes, really”

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