Day 150: Driving a boat! Toot toot!

Tonight at dinner it was determined (by my dad) that my dad would take me out to drive the boat and then we could come back and pick up passengers. My dad is very serious when it comes to his daughters controlling things that he wishes they weren’t old enough to control. This includes the baby of the family (yours truly) driving his boat. Of course his plan was met with some groaning. My sisters definitely wanted to be there for this first event. As Deb put it, ever so politely, “You know that something funny is going to happen.”And it’s true. My family ends up laughing in most situations due to someone’s misfortune (coughLizcough) or hysterical antics.

As it turned out, a crew of 5 sat waiting in the boat for me when I came out of the house. I was halfway across the yard when Liz yelled, “Do you have your boat license?” Ugh. I haven’t even gotten in the boat and already I’m forgetting things. (It’s not uncommon for the marine patrol to be on our lake, so you always need to be prepared.)

Finally we were out on the water and my dad started his dad-duty in instructing me on the “art of handling a water vessel.” OK, so he didn’t use that expression, but with his serious and detailed teaching approach, I wouldn’t have been surprised if he did! He was so serious about this, and became increasingly so when Beck tried to interject with some helpful learning tips- an interjection that was met with, “Becky! You can’t have two people telling you what to do!” Haha, oh dad. So serious.

I got into the driver’s seat- ehem, the captain’s seat- and started her up. She purred like a new kitten and away we went. (I can’t believe I just said that) Let me tell you that I was a bit disappointed with the thrill of driving a boat. I love to drive, but this was not like driving a car. You don’t see a boat up ahead and know that it’s going to stay in its lane, or see a blinker and now its turning left. No, you see a boat ahead with a skier on the back and you have to decide what you’d rather do: hit the skier or hit the shore, because it’s a free-for-all out there and you never know when you just might be taking one of those options. Just kidding. But not really.

It really was frustrating that you didn’t always know what other boaters were going to do. You had to always be looking, looking, looking and anticipating. Granted, this was only my first time, and as always, you get more relaxed with experience. Speaking of experience, Bec and Deb asked me if I was ready to drive tubers (two people on tubes attached to the back). This was my reaction. (And you’ll also notice my dad had his own reaction to their “distraction of the driver”.)

The best Jack Sullivan quote of the night: “Now, another important thing is if anyone stands up, stop the boat immediately and tell them to sit down!”

Hahahaha. I swear, he is never this serious or strict about it. He doesn’t even follow his own rules! I wonder if it’s because I’m his youngest? It doesn’t matter… I’ll be a fantastic driver. He should really be worrying about the day that Deb gets her boat license! :D

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