Day 147: Rooftop Star-Gazing

On Day 96: My Emergency Escape Route, I had my first experience on the rooftop of my house (or any house, really). Now, whereas that was a fun experience, it really only consisted of me sitting on the corner of the roof with my legs half in a tree. Tonight I wanted to have a true rooftop experience, a time of just laying under the stars, watching the world from my magic, shingled- carpet and listening to Aladd- wait a second… this is starting to sound freakishly alike a movie I know…

Anyways, I went out on the roof when all the world was asleep- well at least my dad- and watched the stars.

At first I was kind of nervous about the roof caving in, but once I crouched around a bit I finally got excited about the prospect, found a good spot, layed my head back and got ready to take in the view of the… trees. Seriously? The trees just have to be blocking my view? It’s not enough that this night’s sky had some clouds so you just had to add some gigantic vegetation?

I got back up, slid to the left a little bit… and a bit more… and there it was. The sky in the middle of two trees. It was actually the perfect set-up. God knew what He was doing when he placed those trees in my view. In perfect sight between the two trees, in the only part of the sky that I could see, was the Big Dipper. I could see it perfectly, right there in front of me! And it was big! It’s a good thing that it was the Big Dipper I was seeing, because that’s the only constellation that I can be sure I am seeing in the first place, even if I had a view of the whole sky! Thank you, God, for the Big Dipper.

I tried taking some pictures, but all I was getting was a screen of black. Although, I did get this random beauty. (You might need to move your comp. screen up or down to see the tree that is on the top.) It’s kind of eerie. And I think that’s why I like it. It perfectly captures the mood. Eerie. Although it was a beautifully cool, calm, starry night, it was eerie. It got even eerier when my neighbor across the street turned on his garage light and I could see him moving around inside. Images of scary movies like Disturbia, where people witness murders through windows, flashed through my mind. I purposefully refocused my attention back to the sky.

My stars were gone. The Big Dipper was gone! I will put my blonde moment out there for you to laugh at. For a split second I was like, “What? I don’t get it.” But immediately I was like “Duh, the clouds are covering it!” Haha… oops.

So there I was, feeling like a creeper creeping on my own house. I kept hearing noises and imagining bad scenarios happening. What if I fell? What if my new phone fell?? What if a squirrel comes on the roof, not knowing that I’m there, and then attacks me when I scare him? What if someone drives by and thinks I’m a burglar and calls the cops?? What if spiders start falling on me?

And then I got up and crawled back into my bedroom. Next time I’ll bring a friend. And some ice cream.


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