Day 146: Cult Classic VW car show

I would love to be able to say that I am a car fanatic and that I know and appreciate them, but I can’t. I mean, I am capable of saying that, but it would be a lie. I really don’t know anything when it comes to cars except that my toyota, Lucy, is sitting out in the driveway right now with what is probably an empty oil tank. (I actually need to go remedy that now before I forget like I have the past 5 days, seriously… one second)

OK, she’s happy. So back to my lack of knowledge about cars. I have never gone to a car show because a) I’ve never waned to, and b) even if I did, I wouldn’t know how to find one or who to go with or what to do once I’m there.

Lucky me, I had a perfect opportunity to change that. Today I went to a Cult Classic VW car show. And it was beautiful.

My friend, Josh, is the owner of Nothing Leaves Stock, a custom car shop in Coopersburg, and is a lover of VW cars. For the past few years, NLS has been hosting a Cult Classic VW car show, and this year, it was bigger than ever. Not only were there hundreds of cars, but there was good food, music, sports, prizes, sponsors’ booths, and a dunk tank with proceeds going towards a family who needs medical financial help for their little boy. If you’re thinking that this car show sounds awesome, you’re right. It was awesome.

When I pulled into the lot, I felt immediate embarrassment over the dirty Toyota (that is missing a hubcap) I was driving. I made a quick exit so as not to be associated with it. I have never had enough pride in my car to motivate me to keep it super clean on the outside, but I was now wishing I had scrubbed every nook and cranny before coming. Almost every car in sight was a VW, washed, waxed and blinged-out! It was beautiful! (And I’m not even a huge fan of VWs! Oops- sorry, Josh!)  There were so many cars lined up in rows, spread over the field that I just stood there, not sure where to begin. I didn’t even know that many VWs were in the area! (I later found out that there were 350+ cars registered- and that doesn’t include all the VWs parked in the lot!)

My next observation was the people. They were just as interesting as the cars. Crazy tattoos, hair spiked and ‘hawked, chains, gages… you name it, they had it. I was quickly starting to realize that VW drivers are a subculture of their own. And I loved it!

I started talking to my friend, Arlene, who was running the registration booth, and she asked me if I could help vote on the cars. Vote on the cars?! I thought she was crazy, and wasted no time in telling her that I new nothing- nothing– about VWs. “Oh no, we just need some women to vote for the car they think is the prettiest.” Bingo! Now that changes things, doesn’t it? This was right up my alley, and I quickly agreed and headed out to find me a beauty. I had it narrowed down to 4, then 3, then 2: one was an old shiny lime green truck (it was so small it looked like a toy!), and the other was a black convertible with beige interior and gold and silver rims. It was a tough decision, but in the end I picked the convertible. It was slightly reminiscent of my dream car (a 1968 Pontiac Firebird convertible- just in case anyone wants to buy me one)… sort of. I almost picked this other car that was semi-pretty just because the kid who owned it was still shining it up with a rag (as if it could get any shinier), but the convertible won out. (I’m so mad I forgot to take a picture of it!)Feeling very official, I handed my vote over to Arlene and headed towards the dunk tank.

Overall, the car show was a blast. I actually enjoyed the cars! I even learned some VW vocab! The weather was great, the food and games a hit, hundreds of people had a wonderful time, a family in need was helped, beautiful cars were enjoyed… yea, I’d say it was Coopersburg’s event of the year. At least until next year’s show!

This is an update! The owner of the convertible “La Bety” that I voted to win contacted me, and here is a link to a picture of the car! Thank you, Jose!

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2 Comments on “Day 146: Cult Classic VW car show”

  1. JA Chong Says:


    My name is Jose and a friend of mine forwarded me your site…

    I’m the owner of the convertible (La Bety) you’re referring on your post. Thank you very much for your kind words and I’m glad you liked it. Please, feel free to stop by next year @ CC… I’m sure she’ll be there and I will be happy to let you give me a ride to the hotdog stand on her. :)

    Here’s a shot of her before leaving to the show:

    Like you, I didn’t take any pictures at the show, I was busy playing with my daughter…



    • Sarah Sullivan Says:

      Yes! Jose, I’m so glad you replied! It’s funny because I had forgotten that one of the things I liked about your car was the “La Bety” plate! Thank you for the picture! And yes, La Bety is beautiful:)

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