Day 144:Creating a Wonderword puzzle from scratch

My family (well most of us) are big on word games and word puzzles. Especially the Puzzle Page in the newspaper.

Today I thought I’d create a word puzzle of my own from scratch- none of those websites that create it for you with your words.

I thought about doing a Crossword puzzle, but I think that would just be too hard for a beginner such as myself. A Jumble or Cryptoquote would be to easy. So this leaves me with a Wonderword. This is kind of ironic, because out of all the puzzles, Wonderwords are my least favorite. They don’t really require riddle or hard thinking, they’re just a search & find. But anyways, I sucked up my puzzle snobbery and got to work.

I specifically remember, not too long ago, that my dad thought it would be hard to create one of these (or at least harder than one would think), so I was about to find out just how hard.

It wasn’t too hard. It took time, yes, but it was kind of enjoyable. Here it is, I hope you all like it.

(This link takes you to another page. Click the link again and you will be able to open it up with Microsoft Word. Sorry if your letter lines aren’t the straightest!)


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