Day 141: Drumming!

Today is a special day. It’s Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, the first official day of summer. In my book, that’s cause for great celebration, and celebrate I did.

Today at the ArtsQuest Farmer’s Market in Bethlehem, LV Drum Circle was hosting drumming. I have never participated in a drum circle or the like, so I thought it would be fun to stop by.

When I got to the farmer’s market, I asked myself how I thought this could be a good idea. I was sweating puddles! Literally, a little boy started splashing around by feet! I found the woman who was running the show, Moe, and found out that the drumming would start momentarily. “You should start hearing the drums in 10 minutes or so.” I suddenly found myself in the Mines of Moria with Frodo and the ring, waiting to hear the drums signaling my doom.

Sure enough, after having found refuge in some shade, I heard the beat. It sounded great! I met up with my friends, Roshelle and Wes, and headed over to the music. There were about 3 woman on djembes, a man with a tamborine, and multiple kids with random percussion instruments. Scattered on the ground was a pile of plastic discs, mallets, maracas, plastic drumming tubes (I don’t even know what they are!), and more. What a selection!

I picked up some of the plastic discs and a mallet. I had never seen these kinds of “drums” before and immediately tested them out. I soon found myself wrapped up in rhythms and beats. My hands were moving, my heart was thumping, and my body was sweating from head to toe. As I wiped my brow and tried to move my “African bush hair” off my neck, I felt like a true drummer.

Moe and the other drummers kept different beats going, and people came and went making music. Wes, Roshelle, and I tried out different instruments, and even made a make-shift drum set with a bunch of the drum discs. It was true, raw drumming, and it was wonderful.

Here is a link to Lehigh Valley Drum Circle’s website where you can view all their community drumming events, drum circle classes and workshops.

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