Day 139: Making Coffee (this is not a joke)

I know you may find this hard to believe, but I have never made coffee with a coffee maker before. My sister, Bec, didn’t believe me either, but agreed to show me how. It wasn’t until a minute or two into the process (when I had already asked 5 questions that must have sounded really dumb and had almost messed something up) that she finally said to the others in the kitchen, “Sarah really hasn’t made coffee before.”

Now that I’ve learned the simple process, I’m realizing how stupid I must have really looked. But then again, I think about how at some point in your life you’re going to have had to cross the line from not knowing how to make coffee to knowing how to make coffee. My line just happened to be 23 years into my life… that’s kind of normal, isn’t it? I think it’s pretty easy to understand when you combine the facts. I don’t like hot beverages, and don’t care to make my own iced coffee when I can buy D&D’s delicious, already made coffee. The time I’ve lived at home, my dad has always made his own or my mom makes it, and the times I’ve lived away from home, I’ve either been with tea-drinkers or friends who also make their own. So you see, I think I’m pretty normal:)

Now, my sister really tried to take advantage of the situation. “If you’re making coffee for the first time, you need to make mine with the cream and sugar, and give it to me all ready. Then you’re really making coffee.” (This might have worked when I was 8, but when I was 8, I was also tricked into giving free back massages and tickled until I peed . Times have changed.)

Bec walked me through the steps, and in no time at all, the kitchen was filled with the pleasant aroma of Vanilla Hazelnut coffee.

And then Bec poured cream into her coffee, that curdled on impact, and ruined my life’s first masterpiece.

This was actually perfect, because it gave me opportunity to practice my newly-learned coffee-making skills. Only this time I made it for my sisters, Liz and Susanna, and we lived happily ever after. Coffee really does make the heart grow warmer.

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