Day 138: Chinese Fire Drill

You’d think this would be an easy, no-brainer, but for some reason, the simplest activities can become really complicated with our family.

On our way to a family mini-golf outing, Deb suggested we do a Chinese fire drill. Seeing, not only a blog opp, but a fun idea, I was all for it, and was about to hop out of the car when she backed out. We then determined that on our way home we would do it, her and I, and my sisters and dad in the car behind us, would capture it on camera. On our way home we took the long way, giving us 8 stoplights of opportunity. On our way to the first light, Deb and I both admitted we were nervous. Hahaha, for a Chinese fire drill! Deb didn’t have a problem doing it all the time growing up, but now, was on edge as we approached the light, putting me on edge also. Wouldn’t you know, God had a little a laugh, and gave us a green light. And another, and another. 6 of the stoplights were green! The closest we came to a red was a yellow light that turned while we were close, but my brother-in-law didn’t want to “slam on the breaks” to stop for it. Ugh. The last light we came to was red, but there was a cop sitting at the corner!

We arrived home, my spirits a bit down, and my dad was exclaiming how we should all have gotten out at the last light. “What can the cop do? If the driver doesn’t get out, nothing is wrong, and now that would’ve been a great picture- with the cop in it!”

Well thanks, Dad, for the insight and vote of encouragement… after the fact.

Later that night, Bec and I were driving to my sisters house, and took a detour, putting us at a red stoplight on Main St. in Hellertown. We turned up a good summer-y, up-beat song on the radio, and jumped out of the car. The ladies next to us were slightly confused as we danced our way around the car, meeting in the front and back with our hands in the air and our hips doing some funny dances (realizing that we looked ridiculous because the music, although sounding loud in the car, was somehow not so loud or up-beat outside). We got back in, closed our doors and realized with dread that the opposite light wasn’t even yellow, making us look like fools, just sitting at the red light after our up-beat, “intense” Chinese fire drill. We looked at each other. “Again?” “Sure!” And our doors opened.

It was perfect timing. The second we sat back in our seats, Bec put the car in drive and the light turned green, giving us a rush of delight as she sped away.

I don’t know why I didn’t do this growing up. It is awesome.

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