Day 137: First trip to IKEA!

I would like to say that I’ve been hearing about this place for a long time, but that would be a bit off-course. I’ve really just been seeing products from this place for a long time… everywhere. It seems that IKEA has become a household name.

When my friend, Tom told me IKEA was an “experience”, I decided that it would be an experience I would blog about. And I made Tom go with me (But seriously, he admits to being a shopaholic as well, so if any of you fellow shoppers need a buddy, his number is 610-76… oh wait, bad idea.)

Now, I’m a shopper, and knew I was going to let myself buy something on this trip. I didn’t have a house, so I didn’t want to buy furniture, but I also didn’t want any dumb decorative jar (as much as I love those). And then I knew. A shoe rack. I love shoes and have a lot of them, and I’ve needed and wanted a really simple but awesome wooden, closet floor, shoe rack for a long time. It was this that was had me the most excited about my trip to IKEA.

I must say I was very impressed that IKEA had it’s own multi-level parking lot. That sure was a great first impression. Oh and the Jungle land (or whatever it was called) that the kids got to play in while their parents blew all their money. That was pretty cool and I was slightly tempted to stop there while Tom shopped.

I’ll admit, as cool as all the room displays were, I was just dying to get to the bedroom and closet displays. I really have been dreaming about this shoe rack for a long time. Never the less, I was easily distracted by the comfy chairs and magnificent kitchens. I mean, incredible kitchens. No celebrity chef I ever watched had a kitchen like that. That’s precisely why I don’t watch cooking shows.

At one point, I heard a couple speak in another language that sounded like Swedish. I pulled Tom over and in hushed tones exclaimed that he had to listen to them. He then told me they were the owners of IKEA. And I fell for it. Hook, line, and sinker. Upon realizing his little trick, I decided that we had to stalk them. Just for fun. And it was fun. I love accents. And I love awkward moments consisting of them having to move 3 times in the cramped office display for Tom and I, who were feigning interest in the desk when really just making an excuse to stay close to them.

About half-way through, I realized that Tom seemed to know where we were supposed to go next. The whole time I had just been following him around, assuming that you wander wherever, whenever. I told him that I felt like I could get lost so easily and that I was missing so much. He then pointed to the ground, and the arrows on it, and proceeded to tell me that we were supposed to, and in fact had been, following them. Apparently I missed the memo on taking the IKEA prep-course before my trip there.

Anyways, Tom wasn’t sure what he wanted to buy, so I told him to pick a specific, cheap price, and whatever we found that was closest was going to go home with him. He picked $5.35 and I immediately started looking at everything ridiculous that could be close to that price. We started out with a plastic desk pad, moved onto a vase, some other random pieces, some kids’ finger puppets (I still think he should’ve gone with the awesome little boy’s truck coat hanger!), and in the end I don’t think he even got any of it (cheater!). But he did end up with some nice bamboo plants and greenery that he was determined would replace his last from IKEA (which are now dead) and was completely satisfied.

I, on the other hand, was not. Do you want to know how many styles of lamps or desk chairs I saw? Or how about the hampers or bookshelves or clocks or door handles or towel racks? It seemed like IKEA had dozens of different styles of all these things and more! But do you want to ask me how many shoe racks they had? No? Well, I’ll tell you anyways. TWO! Only two!! They had the kind that hung on a hanger and one that slides out from a closet or shelf that had a separate “foot” for each shoe. And that was it. We searched every nook and cranny of those closets and came up with nothing. If my complete disappointment isn’t coming across clearly to you in this paragraph, then feel free to call up Tom, because he will tell you that I was very, very, very disappointed with IKEA. I expected so much more from you, IKEA. Tomorrow, I’m going to Target.

Putting all that aside, I did find a random scarf hanger that I could use and the most adorable frog cup/bowl/bib set for my nephew. So I perked up a bit.

So what was my favorite part of IKEA? It wasn’t the furniture. It wasn’t the perfect, super fast sliding and rolling desk chair (although that was really fun before the IKEA clerk started watching us), and it wasn’t the 500 copies of the same Swedish books in the fake Living room displays that I tried and pretended to read. It was the ice cream. If you think that McDonald’s has a great vanilla cone, then you need to try IKEA’s. For $1 you can get a yummy cone filled with the most delicious vanilla, fat-free, frozen yogurt in the country. It was so good! Forget the shoe rack, I want me another one of those!

So, who wants to go back with me tomorrow?

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One Comment on “Day 137: First trip to IKEA!”

  1. Refugio Craner Says:

    Shoe racks that are made from hardened steel are great and i always use them on my home. They really last longer compared to wooden shoe racks. ,,.*,

    Take care

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