Day 136: Making waffle cones!

Raise your hand if you always get your ice cream in a dish or regular cone because you’re too cheap to buy a waffle cone. Well because you can’t see me through this computer screen, I will let you in on the fact that I have both hands raised. OK, so maybe they weren’t raised at the exact time I wrote that sentence, because I was typing it. Buutt, anyways, I really like waffle cones and just never get them. It wasn’t until today that my mom decided to inform me we have a waffle cone maker sitting in our basement. Oh, the tragedy of what could have been all these years.

I decided, that if I were going to have some delicious Giant Slow Churn Peanut Butter Cup ice cream tonight, then it had better be in a waffle cone! (As it turned out I couldn’t wait until night, so I just had some in a mug in the afternoon and would you believe that I had the self-discipline to not have any tonight with my waffle cones?? That’s a first!) My sister, Bec, was home and is a die-hard fan of waffle cones. She was so excited when she heard I was making them, that the heat was on (and I mean ‘heat’ as in the pressure to make a good cone, not the temperature of the waffle cone maker- although that was getting pretty hot…)

I had two batches of waffle cone mix and thought it would be better to use them separately in case the first batch didn’t turn out so well. This was a very wise choice, as the first batch… ah, let’s just say that if they wouldn’t have made the cut at your local ice cream parlor. About three cone-attempts in, Bec, realizing they were getting worse, looked a bit disheartened and said, “I shouldn’t have planned on eating my ice cream in a waffle cone.” Ah, my family… so encouraging! :)

After the first batch was a flop, I took a cone break and came back a couple hours later, ready to take on the griddle with a full intention of winning. And win I did! The first two weren’t so hot, but my last two cones were actually… well, cones!

I’m just so excited, because now that I can make a decent waffle cone, I want to celebrate. This is definitely the perfect reason to host… an ice cream sundae party! Definitely. In fact, the invitations are already sealed, stamped, and ready to be put in the box tomorrow! (OK, that was a blatant lie.)

But on a more serious note… anybody need some ice cream cones for their child’s upcoming birthday party? I charge $2 per cone needed with an added fee of $20/hour for labor. No biggie. In fact, If you mention you know me through this blog, I’ll cut you down to $1.50/cone! What a steal! Any takers?:)

Have a super night, and I hope you dream of waffle cones and ice cream!

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