Day 135: Shaving my dog

To make a really long story short, I’m just going to tell you that my family’s Golden Retriever, Ryleigh, needs to be shaved at the beginning of every summer.  The first year, my mom wanted to do it herself, bought a dog shaver, and within a week our cute, hairy dog was transformed into a walking piece of angel food cake. Exhibit A:

Despite her funny appearance, Ry was the softest, cuddliest dog ever, She felt like a lion or a bear, and I loved it! But of course, being the wonderful daughter I am, I milked the moment for all it was worth and made fun of my mom (and Ryleigh) every time the dog came in the room. I mean… would you look at that picture? How could you not? Needless to say, after that year my parents took her to the vet for a shave.

This year, because of an operation on her leg a few weeks ago, the vet people said they wouldn’t shave her (I don’t know why, I didn’t get the details). So, of course I jumped at the chance to do something for my blog and show up my mom :)

Well,  let’s just say that the former was fulfilled in excess, but the latter… not so much.

First of all, my dog is super duper scared of everything, so she doesn’t just lie like an angel and allow me to remove her protective coat with a sharp razor that is making a loud, angry, buzzing noise. Second of all, she already had her back leg shaved down to the skin from her operation, making any bad shave job look worse. Thirdly, my dad told me after I had already shaved some, that he wanted me to keep it a  bit longer than what I was. And fourth of all, it’s just impossible to keep the shaver at the exact angle to the skin the whole time. It’s not like shaving someone’s head.

Now if after reading those 4 points, you feel like they are all pointing towards a conclusion that my shaving job looked terrible, then ding ding ding! You are a winner!(Yes, yes, I will be telling my mom tomorrow that I was wrong in thinking she was just awful at doing the job, and that it wasn’t the job that was impossible. And yes, she will milk the moment for all it’s worth… who do you think I learned that from?)

It looked awful. And because of my dog’s fear throughout the process, it’s hard to shave her all in one sitting. So I only did the first half of the job tonight. I (or my mom) will complete it tomorrow. Here are before and after pictures. I give you full permission to laugh at them. And at my dog. And at me.


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4 Comments on “Day 135: Shaving my dog”

  1. Marty Says:

    First, we dont take Ryleigh to the vet for shaving, we take her to the Clip Joint and they do a great job. Second, you should have shown a picture of Ryleigh with her full set of hair because she does look so much different! ….. now my clip job doesn’t look too bad, huh?????

  2. Deb Says:

    hahahahaa…..I think I actually feel bad for Rileigh!

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