Day 131: A strawberry festival!

If I had a dollar for every time I passed a sign that advertised a fruit festival in that last 20 years, I would be rich. I always see signs for them! And I never go to one!

So I’ve been seeing signs for a lot of strawberry festivals lately, and seeing as how berries are one of my 7 favorite foods, and strawberries are one of my favorite berries, I thought that a strawberry festival would be a fitting choice for a first fruit festival attendance.

A local church was hosting one today and I’ve had it on my calendar for weeks now. (Literally.) I convinced my sister, Liz, to go with me and before we even left the house, I could taste and smell strawberries.

I didn’t know what to expect- would there be booths? Contests? Jams and jellies for sale? Heaven knows I could’ve used a good strawberry jelly after my disasterwith making it myself.

When we got there, we realized the festival had been moved inside due to the dreary weather, although there were still some men handling the grills outside under a tarp. I noticed there weren’t many rolls left on the roll table. That was a good sign- a sign that people were coming and people were eating. Yet, the men looked kind of bored and weren’t actually grilling anything. This could be another sign- a not so good sign. I chose to take the former sign and went inside with hopeful determination. I wanted strawberries.

We immediately notice that this strawberry festival was a little… ah, what shall I say… redneck. Some tables were set up for people to eat at and some others were around the outside of the room, selling different trinkets and baked goods. There was only one table where you could get strawberry food (different kinds of strawberry shortcakes and such), and not too many people were there.

I bought some tickets (just enough for a plain strawberry shortcake- my favorite dessert after ice cream) and promptly got in line for my dessert.

About 10 short minutes later, my stomach completely satisfied by an exceptional strawberry shortcake (I learned my lesson to not judge a dessert by it’s appearance), Liz and I walked around to look at the goods being sold. We learned that not only were there the few tables of random trinkets (a.k.a. crap), but there was also a room filled with books and puzzles for sale, and another with some children’s games. OK, so maybe this festival had a bit more to offer than we initially thought.

When we left I was short $3.25, but came away with a good book and sweet visions of berries and cake. Although it was no big shakes, I’d say that the strawberry festival was definitely worth my time, and next year, I’m going to hit up every strawberry festival in the Lehigh Valley.

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