Day 130: My first real Philadelphia cheesesteak (and my attempt to dance with the Phanatic)

Living so close to Philly, you’d think that at one point in my 23 years I would have stopped in and gotten a cheesesteak; a real “Philly” cheesesteak. Well, I haven’t. Not to say I don’t like cheesesteaks, because I definitely love them, but it just never came to pass.

Last night, some of my sisters and I went to a Phillies game and they (my sisters, not the Phillies) decided that it was time I tastes a true Philadelphia cheesesteak from Philadelphia.

Lucky me, there was a Campo’s restaurant right at my fingertips, in the Phillies stadium. Now, if you aren’t familiar with Campo’s, here is all you need to know:

Now, of course, Campo’s truly is home to the original Philly Cheesesteak (that’s what the sign says and why would they lie?! ;), and with the love that goes into making it (as, again, their sign boasts), how could I pass up Campo’s? I was told that both Pat’s and Genos made awesome cheesesteaks, but Campo’s boasted about the original, so we decided to put it to the test.

And so, I stood in line and ordered a cheesesteak with “whiz”  and onions (apparently this is what makes it the original).

I didn’t even wait until I got back to my seat to eat it. Deb and I pulled over about 10 feet from Campo’s and I unwrapped my delicious-smelling, original Philly cheesesteak.

I took a bite, let my taste buds register the taste, and then pretended that it was the best thing I could be eating. It wasn’t. All I got was some bread and a lousy sliver of steak. What a disappointing first bite. However, I knew it wasn’t true to the whole cheesesteak, and with a determined resolve, I set out towards the condiments counter, where I added some ketchup to the darn thing, and then headed back to our seats. It would be much more enjoyable once I was sitting down.

Five minutes later I realized that my thoughts might have been the greatest understatement of 2011 thus far. That cheesesteak was the most amazing cheesesteak of my life! And I’m not just saying that for this blog. The only way I can try to explain how amazing it was is by telling you this: Before the game, my sisters and I tailgated and ate a ton of food. So when I was standing in line, smelling that cheesesteak being made, I just wanted to puke, I was so full. Earlier, Deb, Susanna, Liz (my sisters that were at the game with me) and I had said that we’d each have a bite or two of it and that would be it. Our stomachs would just not be able to take any more. Welll, let’s just say that if we had ordered one cheesesteak each, you would still have found us with empty cheesesteak wrappers on our laps. It was so, so good.

Oh my gosh, I’m just thinking of it now, and tonight, Liz and I decided that we were going to go to Philly sometime in the next few weeks and would stop at Campo’s just to get one. Seriously, you must get yourself over there and try one. Seriously. It was absolutely perfection on a roll, and like the sign said, totally rang my bell. (Yes, I felt very weird saying that and will probably never say it again.)

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But anyways, off of the cheesesteak topic… I also tried to dance with the Philly Phanatic as another first. Here is how it went down. He was in the section next to us, only a stairway away and down by the field. I ran out of my seat, around the top of our section, and when I was finally allowed to go down the stairs (after the guy batted), ran down towards the field. When I was about 15 feet away, the Phanatic decided he was going to get up on some of the empty seats and dance. OK, kind of a problem. I got down to the row he was in, and was now only 3 seats away from him, two filled with people. His back was turned to me (more like his butt, because he was standing up on the seat) and music was blasting. I shouted “Hey, Phanatic! I want to dance with you!” No response. A little louder, “HEY PHANATIC! Will you dance with me?!” Finally, someone heard me! The woman in front of the Phanatic, facing both of us, heard my cry and shouted to the Phanatic, “She wants to dance with you!”

The second before the Phanatic turned around, a security woman tapped on my shoulder. “Is he in your seat?” I stumbled over my words. “Uh… no… I’m sitting right there… I just wanted to-” “Well, you’re going to have to sit back down, you can’t be here.”

And just like that, my dreams were shattered. Here is a picture of my failure. The Phanatic and me. And the security guard.

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2 Comments on “Day 130: My first real Philadelphia cheesesteak (and my attempt to dance with the Phanatic)”

  1. Susanna Says:

    sarah I can’t see the pic of you and the phanatic!! You need to repost it :)

    • Sarah Sullivan Says:

      hmmm….i can see it and i know other people did too, i’m not sure why it’s not working for you:(

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