Day 129: Throwing the first pitch

My brother from another mother, Jon, coaches his church’s softball team and was super nice enough to let me throw the first pitch of their game tonight. Now I’ll tell you up front that I am not a softball player…. give me a field hockey stick and I won’t look stupid, but my ball-throwing skills? They could use some improvement.

As we approached the field, I was praying that the storm would speed up allowing me to back out of my promise to pitch. Truth be told, I was nervous. I had been nervous all day. When I originally agreed to this I was picturing a team of little elementary-aged kids watching me from the bench. Then I found out it was grown men who would most likely not be watching me so as to hide their faces full of laughter. This was going to be interesting.

When the time came, Jon handed me a ball and I joked with the guys, telling the not to expect too much. You know how if you’re nervous about something, you’ll make jokes about it with those around you ahead of time so as to take away some of the tension? Well I sure tried to do this multiple times- with my mom and sisters, with Jon, with Jon’s team, with the pitcher from the opposite team… did I mention I was nervous?

I asked Jon if I was supposed to throw it underhand or overhand, and I wasn’t too sure if it was a good thing that he said underhand. I walked onto the plate, looked at the catcher and held my breath. Here goes nothing. I brought my arm back and swung it forward, letting the ball fly.

And fly it did! You’d think I was throwing it to the birds with the height it got! Knowing that the pitches were supposed to be rather low and seeing clearly that mine was anything but low made my cheeks flush. Oops. Hope no one was watching… oh wait… both teams are watching. Crap.

I can say this: at least the ball went straight and made it all the way to the catcher! That was an accomplishment.

When I walked back to the bench, the ref asked Jon if they were playing co-ed. I replied for the him, “No. They wouldn’t want me on their team.”

And as the first inning got underway, the storm came in. A little late.

Let me remind you... that was an underhand pitch.

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