Day 127: Casting My Hands: Cool or Creepy?

I feel like I just gained insight into the world of wax people. And creepiness.

What started out as making a really cool bowl for my rings, made from a cast of my hands cupped together, turned out to be a somewhat disturbing experience. I had this hand casting kit that allows you to make a statue of your hand(s). The idea is to make a memory, so children’s hands are all over the kit. I thought it was a really cute, special thing to do. They suggest a lot of different statue ideas, one of them being a bowl shape formed by cupping your hands. I thought this would be perfect for me to put my rings in, so I got to work.

Here is a glimpse of the process:

I had one blonde moment (yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but I do have them once in a while!) during the process, which my mom so willingly pointed out. As you can see in the picture I placed the bucket on a chair so that it was lower, allowing my hands to go into it completely straight and not at an angle (as the directions say). However, what you aren’t seeing is that before I thought to place the bucket lower than my arms, I had initially thought that the only way I could get my arms in straight was if I was higher than the bucket. Thus, my mom came into the kitchen to find me standing on a chair getting ready to place my hands into the bucket that was on the counter.

“Sarah, what are you doing?! Why don’t you just place the bucket on the floor and bend over?”  Of course. What was I thinking? I clearly wasn’t thinking at all.

After letting the mold harden around my hands, I was sure I wouldn’t be able to pull them out without ripping it, but it was the craziest thing! It felt like an egg white when it’s hard-boiled; all wiggly and soft, but solid. Pulling my hands out felt so weird, but it was a success!

Once the casting mixture had set for 2 hours, I peeled away the mold, and wow. WOW. My mom, my sister, Liz, and I were all watching this completely weirded out. It was like uncovering a dead person’s corpse! Really. Every wrinkle, vein and nail from my hand was perfectly cast. (Minus some holes and a missing finger tip) It was crazy!! My mom even got so creeped out that at one point she had her hands over her mouth and was making noises like, “Aaaooohhhh, that’s so creepy! Ewwwwww, oh that’s weird!” Really, mom? You’re really having a hard time with this? At least you weren’t the one having to hold and uncover the creepy, dead hands identical to your own!! It was disgusting! Heck, forget ever doing a little child’s hand. I’d go to sleep and have a nightmare of Chucky hiding under my bed.

Looking at them now, sitting over on the counter, kind of weirds me out. For a second I thought about smashing them. And then for a second I thought how great of a prank it would be to cast a hand in a tortured position, paint it flesh color and add blood where the wrist ends, and then leave it somewhere for your friend to find. Haha, I know, I’m slightly messed up.

Maybe it’s because I just held my hands… in my hands. You do that, and then tell me what state your mind is in…

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