Day 126: Making Strawberry Jam

I’ve been putting this one off, diligently waiting for strawberry season. Those plump, red, sweet treats are one of my favorites, and I thought that if I had to pick a fruit to put in a jar, it was going to be strawberries.

I remember seeing my mom make jelly off and on over the years, and I always felt like the process was so hard. Well, maybe not hard, but tedious, at the least.

I found this fairly simple recipe online, and I thought that it seemed almost too easy, but I decided to try it. There’s no way I could screw this up.

I screwed it up. BUT, it wasn’t my fault! I swear, whoever wrote this recipe must not know how the human brain works and English language work.

This is what the recipe says:

“Mix strawberries and sugar thoroughly. Set aside 10 minutes. Stir sure jell with water in saucepan. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Boil 1 minute. Remove from heat. Stir mixture together until sugar is completely dissolved and no longer grainy.”

So this is what I did: I mixed the berries and sugar and left it on the counter. Meanwhile, I mixed the sure jell (pectin) and water on the stove; I stirred, it boiled, I removed it from heat. Then I mixed it with the berry/sugar mixture.

That sounds just like the recipe, right? NO! As I was mixing it at the end, I was thinking, “There is no way the sugar is going to dissolve, it’s not hot enough!” That’s when I realized that all those times I saw my mom making jelly, she was mixing the fruit mixture on the stove also! I suddenly knew that my recipe was a shoddy piece of work. I quickly scanned the recipe that came with the sure jell box and sure enough- the berry and sugar mixture was supposed to be mixed in the saucepan too!

Ugh! OK, no big deal. So I put everything back on the stove together,stirred, boiled, etc.

So nowhere in that recipe does it even hint to the fact that you put the berry/sugar mixture on heat! This was one failure that I can honestly say was not my fault!

I quickly got over it and poured the ruby liquid into jars, sealing them tightly. It looked disgusting. I thought that the bits of white foam would eventually make their way to the top, leaving a prettier picture, but alas, a day later and it still looks disgusting. Not only does it look it, but I had a bite this morning… and a bite was all I needed. It wasn’t too great. I mean, it wasn’t awful, but it just tasted like artificial grossness.

Maybe this fall I’ll try making peach jelly, and I won’t use the pectin. Or the “recipe”.

OOOOH, and guess what came in the mail yesterday??


Watch out, Moby Dick!

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3 Comments on “Day 126: Making Strawberry Jam”

  1. […] Jams and jellies for sale? Heaven knows I could’ve used a good strawberry jelly after my disasterwith making it […]

  2. […] Jams and jellies for sale? Heaven knows I could’ve used a good strawberry jelly after my disasterwith making it […]

  3. […] Jams and jellies for sale? Heaven knows I could’ve used a good strawberry jelly after my disasterwith making it […]

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