Day 125: The year I made my own birthday cake

In my family, birthday cakes are a simple tradition: You pick your 2 flavors of ice cream and my mom makes it. Done. We love ice cream and a Sullivan ice cream cake is the best there is. This year, I did the unthinkable. I made my own cake.

Now, even thought we know what flavors we’re getting and we know what icing we’re getting, there’s always the mystery of candy topping, sprinkles, candles, and shape. Also, my family holds to the tradition that “the birthday person doesn’t have to help with any of the prep, cooking or cleaning up for their celebration night”. So this was definitely a break from the Sullivan tradition and was bound to be met with some controversy.

I didn’t think this was a big deal, and I was actually really looking forward to it, but when I told my sisters Deb and Bec, they were shocked. They thought it was such a sad idea, and Bec might have even teared up a bit (true story).

I had big ideas for this cake. I was taken back to my birthdays of youth and had grandiose visions of doll cakes. Yep, you guessed it… I was going to make a doll cake!

I was super excited, and immediately went downstairs to our kitchen corner of chaos and found our doll dress cake mold. Now all I needed was the top of the doll. I was very disappointed when A.C. Moore’s website told me they were sold out, and so I went to Giant on the off chance that they’d have some. They didn’t. But what they did have was a cheap barbie doll. Perfect. Well, almost perfect. I grabbed her off the shelf as a back-up plan.  How hard could it be to chop a barbie doll in half?

I then made my way to A.C. Moore to see if they did have any in stock, and YES! they did! Better yet, there was a brunette!  (And she cost cheaper than the barbie!) I went home a very happy birthday girl.

I won’t go through the process of making my cake, as it’s a Sullivan secret, but here are pictures of the finished product. I named her Ivanka. And I realized too late I should’ve made her dress blue. Because I always wear blue. And I should’ve colored her green eyes blue, because mine are blue. And I should’ve made her dress prettier… well… there’s always next year!

It was kind of cool making my own cake and then getting to eat it. The eating part was much nicer than the making part.

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