Day 124: Relay for Life

Today officially marks 23 years that I have been alive, out of the womb. I thought it was fitting that I participated in Relay for Life, an activity that is celebrating, honoring, remembering, and fighting for life. This was my first time participating in a Relay for Life event, and I loved it. I was scheduled to represent Saucon Community Bible Fellowship Church in the walking from 3 to 5 p.m.

I really wanted to run some of it, but the “track” was fairly small and crowded in some areas. It was a cement path that outlined the grass where booths and tents and entertainment was set up. All proceeds from sales went to Relay for Life.

I walked a couple of laps with my parents and then decided to try running. I made it about 6 or 7 times around when I realized that I probably looked ridiculous weaving in and out of people, signs, and tree roots. Oh yea, and the fact that I was tired, sweating, smelling, and getting a side cramp.

It was during my running that I kept seeing the sign hanging on the snack shop that read “Iced Mocha”. This might have been the only reason that I actually ran as long as I did. More running equals more iced mocha calories burned. I was on a mission: drink an iced mocha for charity.

I also noticed a skewer of fruit. I love fruit and that, I knew, was the more health-conscious choice of the two, but I just couldn’t decide. So… I got both.

Somewhere along the way, my nephew showed up, and we had a nice time walking around the track. Of course we had to stop at every balloon, and he had to have a bite and sip of my fruit and mocha, and he drew lots of attention with his high-pitched screams, but it was a ball.

Before I knew it, I had about 20 minutes left until my walking shift was over, and having a sudden burst of energy (most likely from the natural sugar in the fruit and the chemically-produced sugar int he mocha), I decided to finish running. Again, I lost track of my laps, getting so caught up in all the eye candy along the way. And by ‘eye candy’ I mean literal candy. And desserts. Ooh, and the jewelry. OOOHH and the adorable Great Dane. I can’t wait until I get mine (in like 10 years!).

By the time I left, I had had a really wonderful 2 hours. The presence at the park was that of unity, encouragement, and hope. So many people were wearing makeshift team shirts, or shirts signifying they had overcome a battle with cancer. There were many people performing fun and creative talents. I even saw one old woman (who was slim as a pin with no hips!) hula-hooping her way around the track. She wasn’t moving fast, but her determined presence was such an encouragement.

It was a great way to celebrate my birthday; taking action so that others can celebrate more birthdays. I think I just might make it an annual tradition (even if it doesn’t fall on my birthday), and I encourage you to try and participate in a Relay for Life event!

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