Day 123: Learning to tie a bow tie!

If bow ties are starting to fade out of style, then actually tying bow-ties is dead. It’s not often that you see men wearing bow ties anymore (I don’t have to wonder why:), and I bet that if you asked the few you did see wearing them if they tied it, they would tell you that no, it’s a clip-on.

Why? I’ll tell you why. You think learning to perfect tying a regular tie is hard? Well try perfecting tying a bow-tie. It’s even worse!

I figured my dad would have a bow tie (since he does in practically all his old pictures), but no, he doesn’t. So I then decided I would borrow one from my crazy friend who was sure to have one and my dad could just teach me how to tie it. Well… my dad doesn’t even know how to tie one! And, my friend didn’t have one! So this made for a very interesting predicament. I had to learn how to tie a bow tie but didn’t have a bow tie or someone to teach me.

Immediately I thought of good ‘ol YouTube. If anyone is a more loyal friend than YouTube, please, enlighten me. So that took care of that problem. As for finding a bow tie… well… my mom has fabric in the basement, I have a pair of scissors… done.

Here is the first bow tie I cut out.


I then had to find something to act as a neck. I found a jar that seemed perfect!

I YouTubed “how to tie a bow tie” and found myself watching a fascinating old man from South Carolina whose drawl captivated me and ended up distracting me from my bow tie-tying. My first attempt… was not so good.

This “neck” wasn’t going to work! It also didn’t help that my bow tie literally shredded into two pieces. This bow tie wasn’t going to work either!

I went on a mission to find new fabric and a new neck. Man, who knew that tying a bow tie was going to be hard before even possessing a bow tie? (Maybe my problem wouldn’t have been a problem if I had thought to go to the thrift store earlier for a legitimate bow tie!)

I created another bow tie and got back to work. It took me a few tries, but I made it. I made a bow tie. No, it’s not perfect, but yes, I will gladly come to your house before prom and tie your bow tie for you.

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