Day 122: Using a Dremel

Are you thinking, “What the heck is a dremel?”? Well, that makes two of us. Even after using one, I’m still not sure I know.

A dremel is a power tool; this much I know. And that’s pretty much all I need to know. I like power tools.

Basically, you put small, different-shaped attachments onto something like a drill, and then you can carve or sand or polish or cut different materials. My mom happened to have a dremel for a project she is working on and suggested I try it for my blog. Really I think she just wanted me to practice and hopefully get decent at using a dremel so I could help her with her project. Either way, I found a piece of scrap wood in our basement, got some “safety” glasses (do sunglasses count?), and dug out the dremel.

Why do they call it a “dremel” anyways? I mean, did a couple of guys sit around and try to think of a word that sounded hardcore and manly? If so, I don’t think they succeeded. “Dremel” sounds like the name of something that would be used in a funeral home or graveyard that is related to a coffin. Maybe next time, guys.

Anyways, I turned on the dremel and got to work. I figured I would just try to make some straight lines or shapes and maybe spell my name. The dremel figured that it would just try to make me look stupid. My lines looked something akin to the Amazon river, as seen from the air, and my name looked like it was written by a 3 year-old. I tried a few different attachments on the dremel, hoping that the next one would be easier or more useful. Not a chance.

I finally did find one that I had at least some success with. It was a type of sander, and my wood’s rough and scratchy surface was soon transformed into a baby’s bottom, so smooth was it.

I showed my mom my work and I saw her mentally check me off of her project’s “helper” list. Thanks, dremel.


















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