Day 114: Birding

A few weeks ago, I probably would have titled this post, “Bird Watching”, but I learned fast that an “in” person would call it ‘Birding’. (“So, what did you do last weekend?” “I went birding.” “Cool.”) My friend, John, is an avid fan of birds, and graciously took me birding. He made sure to bring binoculars for me, as they are essential for anyone birding, and a sweet Nikon camera (I have no idea what kind, but it was about ten times longer than mine!). And so we were off… into the unknown, the wild, a land untouched by any man before us, a wilderness far away, a land beyo- ok… who am I kidding? We really just went to the Wildlands Conservancy in Emmaus. And even though it might not be an unknown, untouched wilderness, it is a sanctuary to our winged friends, and for our purpose of birding, that was all that was necessary.

We were out about an hour and a half, walking in fields and wooded trails. John had his camera poised and ready for pictorial perfection , and I had my binoculars… well… around my neck. And yes, by the time I lifted them to my eyes, zoomed the lens appropriately, and found the branch the bird was on- wait, where’s the bird?- I missed it.

Along the way, John was sharing with me some of the beauties of birding, and every now and then would identify a bird call we were hearing. (This was cool) It also amazed me how he could see a brown or grey-hued bird from a bit away, and just know what bird it was. To me, an unlearned birder,  it just looked like every other brown or grey-hued bird.

We didn’t see too many birds, and John said that this is a big part of birding. Some times you go out for a long period of time and come back having seen nothing. It’s just the way it goes in the life of birding. It’s a cruel world.

We did, however, see a turkey. Yes, I know, not quite the bird we were anticipating, but it was still exciting. We also saw the usual Cardinal, Robin and Blue bird, the not-so-usual (for me) Titmouse and Red-tailed Hawk, and a few others I can’t remember. And then… there was my personal favorite of the day: the Tree Swallow. We really lucked out with this guy, because we saw him in the field, and he actually posed on a birdhouse for us for quite a while! It was awesome! I will admit I am not a huge fan of birds. I mean, I think they’re beautiful, but I’ve never really gotten into them. This bird, however, was gorgeous! If my arms and eyes weren’t getting tired from holding up and looking through the binoculars, I would’ve watched him all day. Here is a picture of him (or her), not taken by John or I, but found on the internet.

I frustratingly forgot my camera today, so my phone had to take over the job. Not that my camera would’ve caught anything anyways, it’s so crappy. Anyways, here’s a picture on the trails and in the field. P.S. This place is beautiful.

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