Day 113: Wait… there’s a spa for my car?

I had the great privilege of going to the spa today. Unfortunately, it wasn’t me getting the royal treatment, but was the GMC Denali that I was driving, that was going to get pampered. I was going to the Saucon Valley Auto Spa. That’s right, folks- not only can you take yourself or your pampered pooch to the spa, but you can also take that piece of metal that cost you a fortune and spend more money on making it look good!

I’ll admit that I was very skeptical of the process beforehand. I just thought that it was somewhat ridiculous to pay to clean your car. I mean, paying for someone else to clean it is one thing, but paying to clean it yourself? I wasn’t a fan.

Post-clean-up job, my mind has changed. Having driven home a decently clean vehicle after only 15 minutes of cleaning, I think the auto spa is a great invention.

Let me tell you, a GMC Denali is not your average sedan. This thing is huge. It’s a beast. And being the main vehicle for a family with 3 kids under the age of 8, you can bet it’s going to be full of toys, clothes, shoes, and crumbs. Lots of crumbs.

My goal was simple- pick up the “stuff” and vacuum the car. I’ll just skip right to the vacuuming, since that’s what I was doing at the auto spa. At the spa (where you can also shampoo or vacuum you car with a scent), there’s a small vacuum head attached to this long hose. It’s 25 cents per minute, and I had enough for 9 minutes. I figured I would do 3 minutes at a time, so I could judge how fast I needed to move and could make changes in between vacuumings if I needed to. It also allowed me to maneuver the 2 kids (that accompanied me) to certain parts of the car, where they could play, while I cleaned others.

As it turns out, I spent those 9 minutes like a mad woman, racing around, frantically vacuuming the car, trying to get every little crumb before my time ran out. It didn’t help to hear the automatic voice saying: “You have 1 minute left. You have 1 minute left.” AH! What the heck, I didn’t sign up for a race! Why was I so anxious, panicking and sweating??

Miraculously, I was able to decently vacuum the whole vehicle within my 9 minutes. And the difference was totally worth the psychotic person I had briefly become (and maybe still am). I love the auto spa.

So my sister just informed me that she vacuums her car there all the time, and why on earth would I do it at home with the shop vac? Thank for the tip, Bec. Too bad you’re about 7 years late.

AFTER! (I forgot a before picture)

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