Day 112: Milking a cow

Today was the usual day, you know… got up, worked-out, ate, cleaned, checked facebook, milked a cow, dinner… a typical day for me. Oh wait… did I say I milked a cow? Why yes, yes I did… that’s because I milked a cow. Although it might not be a part of my typical day, it sure felt like I had been doing it for years!

I had always gotten the impression that milking a cow was hard. That holding and squeezing the “teat” (haha, I love that name!) just right, so that you get the milk out, was something you had to really had to learn. I found this not to be the case, and in some way felt cheated out of the true experience. I was hoping for it to be hard to do! I wanted a challenge! Instead I got streams of white milk squirting at my feet with ease.

My friend Rachel got me connected with the Marwell Dairy Farm, and that is where the action happened. My mom came with me. She has always dreamed about milking a cow. Hahaha, yea I know… But, we all have our dreams. Some people’s dream (mine) might be publishing a book. And some might be milking a cow.

Anyways, this farm was really cool. It’s family-run, and the milk goes to the Land O’ Lakes corporation. I thought this was pretty cool.  Mr. Gehman- whose family runs the farm- showed us around and explained the milking process to us. “The cows have to be milked every 12 hours, and are milked at 4:30 in the morning and evening. We have about 55  cows that we milk each time.”

I’m sorry, sir, excuse me, but what did you just say? I didn’t catch it, all I heard was “4:30 in the morning.”  How in the world does anyone get up every morning to milk the cows at 4:30?! That, my friend, is dedication and hard-work!

Now, unfortunately I wasn’t able to milk an entire cow… they have automatic machines that do it. These machines are actually really cool. There are four tube-vacuum things that you put on the teats, and it mimics the squeezing and pulling, drawing the milk out, where it then runs through a pipe into a huge refrigerated tank. The machine tells you how long it’s been milking the cow and how many gallons per minute it’s milking. Then, when it reaches a certain low gallon reading, it stays on the teats for a few more second and then drops off. It’s awesome. Each cow will give about 5 gallons of milk per milking. That’s 10 gallons per cow per day. Multiply that by 55 and you get a lot of milk!

I learned a lot at the farm. I never knew what the milking process looked like, and was really interested to see it. I must admit, though, that I didn’t quite catch all the facts. I stopped processing facts after hearing Mr. Gehman say “…4:30 in the morning…”

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4 Comments on “Day 112: Milking a cow”

  1. Deb Says:

    awww you know those poor chained baby cows are like that so they don’t get to much exercise b/c it keeps the meat tender and they kill them and eat them!!! :( That is really sad!! And it’s funny, all I could think of the whole time is a breast pump hahahaa! It’s basically the same thing!

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