Day 111: Saucon Valley’s Farmer’s Market

Every Sunday when I am coming home from church, I see a sign outside of the local fire station: “Community Breakfast 8am-1pm)”. I have always wanted to stop, but for one reason or another have not. This morning, I was on a mission to get myself to that firehouse! When I arrived, however, the sign wasn’t out! And there weren’t any cars! You have got to be kidding me. Why does this kind of stuff always happen to me?

So on my way back home, I started wondering what the heck I was going to do for my blog. And then I passed it. The same Sunday street, the same Sunday signs, the same Sunday crowd… It was the Saucon Valley Farmer’s Market. Of course! This is also something I usually see on a Sunday and am tempted to stop at. I pulled in.

The first thing I noticed when I got out of my car was the music. Wow, who’d have thought that this market could and would have music? Not me. It was great. Drumming and whistles… it sounded very airy, and… beachy? I don’t know, it was great, though. The second thing I noticed was that my heels were sinking into the slightly-soggy ground. And I felt some stares as I was having trouble making the heel-in-the-grass walk look graceful haha!

The market was filled with many different kinds of tents. There were a lot of food vendors, produce stands, and baked goods. There were also stands with home-made, fresh honey, jellies and jams, salsas, bean dips, and other random foods. I even saw a woman making spinning wool into yarn on a wooden, spinning wheel thing! I wanted to take her picture, but thought that might be rude if I wasn’t going to buy her wool. She showed me this one bunch of yarn she had that was so rare and expensive that there were only a couple hundred in the whole country!

The craziest thing I saw at the market was a Gourmet Puppy stand. It was full of treats and goodies for your pampered dog. And get this- sitting all prim and proper, on the table amongst the treats, was a little dog decked out in a scarf and chef hat! It was crazy! And I loved it!! I think I might make it a Sunday ritual to come to the market and try to woo the dog off the table with treats to see how long it takes me.

This market was really cool. I told myself, when I was driving in, that I could buy something- like vegetables or a plant or something. Something budget-friendly. But I couldn’t help myself!! I can’t not buy things! I ended up walking out with a tub of salsa, a bag of guacamole, and a jar of chocolate raspberry jelly (which isn’t quite as good as it sounds). At least I passed up the plants, baked goods, honey, hot dogs, dog treats, bean dips, and strawberries that I saw and almost bought! It was a disaster. But at least it tastes good. (And, it’s benefiting small farms and companies and families!)

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