Day 106: Getting my PA Boat License!

After a tedious 4-hour process, I can proudly announce that I am officially licensed to drive boats! Have I ever driven a boat before? Nope. But if I wanted to go out and drive one tomorrow, no one could stop me! (Scary, I know… you’d think they would re-think these online courses…)

The online course consisted of everything you need to know about boating including parts of a boat, trailering a boat, navigation on water with other boats, emergency signals, buoys, boat lighting, safety issues, recreational regulations, dams, locks, bridges, laws, knots, waste, fueling your boat, kinds of boats, and so much more! You name it, it was on this thing. AND to make matters worse, you can’t skip to the next page until the timer runs out. This is to insure that you read it. Or at least was on the page long enough to read it, if you did indeed read it. I will admit that during the last 3 units, I scanned the page for testable information, and then pulled up my Facebook,, webmail, or twitter page. I mean, do you want me to tell you I read and retained every sentence of information that was on that course? I would be lying:)

I did, however, take notes like any good student would. So yes, I did at least learn the bulk of the information to some extent. And yes, I did have to look at my notes a few times during the exam. When I was about to click ‘submit’ at the end of the exam, I was half-terrified that I wouldn’t pass. That would have meant having to mindlessly click and wait, click and wait, click and wait my way through the 4-hour nightmare all over again!

But I passed!!! So, if you want to go boating with me tomorrow, I could promise you a very safe trip. Well… once I learned how to actually drive the boat comfortably. But I don’t think that would be a problem… after all, I am a licensed driver!

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One Comment on “Day 106: Getting my PA Boat License!”

  1. I can’t believe getting your license was that easy. When I was younger (and by that I mean in my teens and 20’s) and went out with my uncle, he would let me drive the boat in shallow waters if he needed to do something. The only experience I had up until that time was a boating safety class in 6th grade.

    I currently have a boat sitting in my parents driveway (I live in PA). I am planning on getting my license in both PA and NJ. I’m glad it was easy (at least for PA). Thanks for the heads up on the online class.

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