Day 105: Going to the Vet with Ryleigh

My family’s dog, Ryleigh, is a 7 year-old Golden Retriever, yet with the hyper-active way she acts, you’d think she was still a puppy. This past Friday she was doing her usual run around the yard “like a wild woman”(as my mom says), and suddenly let out a loud yelp. Ever since then, she hasn’t been putting any weight on her left back leg. And, man, she has gotten really good at walking and running on 3 legs!

One thing you should know about my dog- she is very skittish. This dog gets so scared if she even see her own shadow! Shake a cardboard box, plastic bag or even her own food bowl in her direction, and you’ll have her running to the other room. Today my mom and I took her to the vet, and the minute she three-leggedly hopped out of the car and recognized just where it was that her joyous car ride had taken her, she started cowering, shaking, and tying to get back into the car as fast as her 3 little legs would carry her. We finally coaxed her into the building and into the check-up room.

I was really surprised by the office. I really don’t know what it was that I was expecting, but the clean, somewhat stark, open-area clinic wasn’t it. While we waited, Ryleigh wouldn’t leave my side. She smooshed herself onto the top of my feet and pressed as close against me and the wall as she could, as if trying to become invisible. Once the doctor and nurse came in (are they even called nurses??), it was another game of holding her down, keeping her calm, and getting her to cooperate.

The doctor gave us the diagnosis of a torn ACL. I didn’t even know dogs could tear ACLs, but I mean, why wouldn’t they be able to? As it turns out, they can’t tear an ACL, because they don’t have ACLs. They have CRCLs (because they have 4 legs, not 2), and yes, she tore her CRCL. The minute the doctor let her go and left the room, she was again attached to me, and remained so until the doctor came back in, when she then cowered over to my mom, who was farther away from the doctor than I. I finally decided to put her out of her misery, and told my mom that I was taking her out to the car. That didn’t happen. Instead, Ryleigh took me out to the car!

With the exception of a big German Shepherd that was leaving when we arrived, I didn’t see any other animals at the clinic. I would say this disappointed me, as I would have liked to have said ‘hi’ to a cute puppy or an abandoned baby deer (I know, I know… not a likely chance to see the latter), but I realized that it was for the best. I would have been more frustrated if I had seen these cute animals and had not been able to say “hi” to them, due to the 84-pound scaredy-cat-on-a-leash that demanded my immediate attention.

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