Day 103: Lovin’ in Love Park

Yes! I have finally, finally gotten my butt over to Love Park in Philly. After all those years of seeing (what seemed to be) everyone’s cute pictures with the LOVE statue, I am able to show off my own.

Bec and I, and our friend John, went to Philly for a  radio 104.5 block party to see A Silent Film play a show, and despite the overcast, somewhat chilly, slightly rainy weather that I hate so much, it was a great day. And to make it even better, we capped off the day with a night visit to Love Park. I just can’t get enough of saying it, I love that park name, and didn’t even know that was the real name until yesterday. So, can anyone tell me if the park was named around the statue or if the statue was built to fit into the park?

Well anyways, I think the park or statue casts a magical harmonious and happy spell over all who draw near, because we had a great time. Too bad the statue and ground were all wet, because we could’ve gotten a lot more creative with our pictures. And too bad John didn’t realize that the request “Can you take a picture of us with the statue?” meant we wanted a picture of us and the statue, the whole statue. He cut of the “LOVE” part of the statue! Upon our exclaiming that we wanted the whole statue in the picture, he admitted to his blonde moment (yes, men have them too!) and then still proceeded to cut off  half the statue! Hahaha, we finally got it right though.

The rest of the night consisted of repeat performances of Ashlee Simpson’s “L.O.V.E.” by my sister and I, while she played it on her iPhone as we walked back to the car.

I can’t wait to go back. And next time I’m going to get my picture taken with the jumbo-sized monopoly pieces across the street. I don’t think the public gives them enough love (pun!- sort of).

Quote of the night: “I smell what you’re steppin’ in.” – John

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3 Comments on “Day 103: Lovin’ in Love Park”

  1. nate Says:

    that wasn’t supposed to be shameless self-promotion. it was supposed to be my way of saying, “hey, thanks for helping me remember that one beautiful day i hung out in love park.” but i forgot to say that part.

    • Sarah Sullivan Says:

      haha, of course it wasn’t self-promotion! and even if it was, it would be ok, because i know where you blog and i can self-promote as well:) thanks for the link- loved it! miss you guys!

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