Day 101:Learning the art of Flower Arrangements

My friend, Nicole, is the Flower Department Team Leader at Wegman’s, and is pretty much a flower expert (Stop being so modest, Nicole, you know you are). Because she just loves me so much, she said she could teach me a little bit about how to make a proper flower arrangement. I love flowers, so what did I say to this offer?  “I’ll take it!”

I thought that flower arrangements were kind of no-brainers. I mean, you get a bunch of flowers, you put them together, and tada! beauty. Well, this might be beauty to the average joe, but to a trained floral eye this wouldn’t cut it. I will admit I learned a few Flower 101 lessons throughout the process.

My first predicament came while standing in the middle of the floral section department at Wegman’s. I found myself getting frustrated because, being a beauty perfectionist, I wanted to pick out the perfect flowers for the perfect bouquet, but there was no way my budget would allow for that. I should’ve gone to a flower place where you can buy one or two flowers of a kind, instead of a bunch of 6. But, I didn’t. And before I could pick the flowers I wanted, I had to decide what color(s) I wanted my bouquet to be! This was just not fun. It was supposed to be fun, but I wanted to buy everything!

I finally decided on the colors of my bouquet: orange and purple. I wanted it to be a “wildly on fire with love” bouquet. And yes, I am aware that I just gave my flower bouquet a cheesy name.

Now I had to pick my flowers and here came my first lesson from the flower master. *When making a bouquet you want to pick 2 or 3 focal flowers, small filler flowers, and some green fillers.

My focal flowers ended up being tulips, roses, and mums. My small filler flowers were baby’s breath, astroemeria (I think), and small roses. Then I had these green grass things. OOOHH and I also got a little chubby wooden caterpillar on a spring to stick in the bouquet! (But that was just for fun). I know that you are all super excited about this bouquet after hearing that captivating list of flowers, so if you must scroll down ahead to see the finished product, I give you permission. I forgot to take a picture of all the flowers laid out on the counter ahead of time, so you’re going to have to trust me when I tell you I arranged them into this bouquet:).

Now while arranging them, I got my second lesson from the flower master, *Try not to have any of the same flower bunches touching. The KEY element to a great flower bouquet is variety, and having all the flowers throughout the bouquet.

This lesson was a bit harder to follow, because the mums were taking over! I felt like I had so many. However, I did my best, and took my time, making sure that I placed one rose here alongside two tulips with some baby’s breath and the next rose went on the other side of the mums.Oh, and make sure that if you are using tulips, you put them a bit lower than the other flowers. Otherwise, when they bloom, they will pop up and become a solo act.

I will say that I love my finished product. I was originally planning on giving it to my sister, just because. But no way! I am keeping this “wildly on fire with love” perfection so I can enjoy it every day! (Well, at least until it dies. Which is always the crappiest thing about flower bouquets. One day you come downstairs to find brown  tissue paper hanging limp from green beans.)

Other small flower-arranging lessons: *Cut the stems at a slant; remove all leaves and extra greens that are on the stems under the water line; arrange them with love (awwww).

This picture doesn't do it justice!

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2 Comments on “Day 101:Learning the art of Flower Arrangements”

  1. Deb Says:

    Was I the sister that was supposed to get it?? B/c if so…I think you should give it to me ;)

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