Day 100: “Ghosting” (a.k.a. Personal Space Invading) Strangers

If you don’t already know what “ghosting” a.k.a. “Personal Space Invading” is, fast forward this video to 1:54 and enjoy.  Ghosting is basically walking up behind someone and trying to match their stride while getting as close as possible to them without them knowing. Now, I have ghosted before, but I’ve only ghosted my friends, and I personally don’t think ghosting people you know is true ghosting, because there’s no anxiety to it and you really aren’t trying as hard as you can to not let them know.

Today I went to a nearby outdoor mall with my sister, Bec, and friend, Roshelle, to try a little ghosting of strangers. Real ghosting. Let me tell you, the hardest part of ghosting isn’t the actual space invasion. It’s finding the right person who’s space you are going to invade! Here is the list of criteria that makes a great ghosting target:

– a person alone (if two people are walking, they have a tendency to constantly look towards each other, and their peripheral vision always picks up a ghost)

– a person that isn’t walking too slow (the slower they are, the more quiet every move a ghost makes is, and they are also more likely to be attentive to everything around them as they aren’t in a hurry)

Now, here is the extra criteria that we ended up having to use at our outdoor mall location:

– a person not walking away from the sun (the sun was going down, and they immediately notice a ghost’s shadow alongside their own)

– a person not walking right by store windows (the closer they are to windows and the more window shopping they are doing make seeing a ghost’s reflection super easy)

So you can see that finding targets was very hard for us. There were SO many times that Bec or I started to ghost someone only to have them stop to look in a window, or go into a store, or walk to a car, or slow down at a crosswalk,etc.

After the hour or so that we spent picking out and ghosting targets, I had maybe 3 or 4 decently successful ghostings. I won’t try to go into detail describing them. You can watch 2 of them on youtube.

This one was my second successful ghosting. This lady was in high heels and so I was really short in comparison. I ended up walking away because I accidentally kicked her high heel! I thought she immediately noticed when her head slightly turned, but apparently Bec and Roshelle said she never actually did. Funny story: the guy you see with his child in the video actually stopped to watch me ghost the lady. He asked Bec and Roshelle if I knew her and when they said ‘no’ and told him what ghosting was, he looked so suprised. When I walked back he asked in a somewhat condescending voice, “Why would you do something like that?!” Haha, chill out man, it is just a silly game. (Besides you thought it was great enough to stop and watch, so don’t enjoy our entertainment and then judge us!)

This ghosting was my best one. It was a long one. This video is the start-up and first half of the ghosting. It’s blurry. This video is the second half of the ghosting. I pulled back from him when he stopped at his car to drop off a bag. Bummer.

The funniest moment: Bec ghosted this guy, and when he turned and noticed her, she panicked and turned around so suddenly that her sunglasses fell off her head and he just watched her frantically pick them up and walk away with a really creeped-out face. Hahaha!

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2 Comments on “Day 100: “Ghosting” (a.k.a. Personal Space Invading) Strangers”

  1. rachel Says:

    I LOVE THIS even more because last night bec and rosh reenacted and told it to us…so it increased my anticipation to watch. love it.

  2. Anne Says:

    Nick and I think this is hilarious. I would never have the guts to do that.

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