Day 98: Coloring another’s hair

I know, I know… how in the world could I, the hair coloring addict, not have done this already? Well, I’ll tell you plain and simple. Messing up my own hair is far different from messing up someone else’s hair. I’ve probably dyed, highlighted, and bleached my hair over 100 times in the past 8 years since I started. Yet, after that experience, I still always hesitated to say ‘yes’ to coloring someone else’s hair.

My sister, Bec, wanted lowlights put into the underside of her hair, and because I am a sucker for any new experiences that I can use for my blog, I reluctantly said yes to the job. (She is currently upstairs, post-dye-job, blow-drying her hair, and I have yet to hear any screams so I’m taking that as a good sign…)

Anyways, Bec buys these kits that come with a comb-like cap for the dye, so you can comb the color into your hair. It’s supposed to make it easy, quick, and perfect, and while it was easy and it was quick, I for sure don’t think it was perfect. Not even close. In fact, I think she might end up with a whole head of brown hair instead of blonde with lowlights. Oops.

Well, all I can say is that if it turns out bad, it’s payback for the night before my freshman orientation of highschool, when Bec “accidentally” waxed off half of my eyebrow. (She reminded me of that tonight… I don’t know why she’d want to bring that up. It doesn’t necessarily bring fond feeling between us:)

She also informed me that part of the job was washing it out for her and conditioning it. So I took her upstairs to Sarah’s Salon & Spa, where she got the full royal treatment of old towels, getting water in her eyes, and laying in uncomfortable positions. Well, what do you expect, it’s a free job. If you want all the bells and whistles, go to a professional!

(minutes passing)

Bec just came downstairs and the verdict is…. success! (For the most part:)

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2 Comments on “Day 98: Coloring another’s hair”

  1. Chelsea Knechel Says:

    we want a picture of the lowlights!! great post, my funny friend.

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