Day 97: Lucy’s tires needed air…

So I know that title might sound a little cryptic, but I assure you it isn’t. I named my car Lucy a long time ago, and her tires were lookin’ a little low. (RHYME!) If you think it is crazy that, at almost 23 years-old, I am just learning how to put air in my tires, then you are very correct in your thinking. I’ll admit that I’ve watched my mom do it a few times in my life (I was supposed to be learning but I never paid much attention… oops), but I’ve never actually done it. Today, Bec officially guided me through the easy process and I officially learned.

So I drove up to the air pump and parked kind of alongside it, to which Bec looked at me and said, “No, no, no, no, no. Air pump 101: How are you going to get the pump around your car? You’re not. Pull up straight.”  I backed up and pulled in straight. Man, I hadn’t even officially started and I already messed up. This was harder than my driving test! ;)

She then told me take off the air caps. I did, and placed each one, standing up, on top of the car above its own tire so I wouldn’t lose or forget them. Next she told me I had to figure out what the air pressure had to be. “This can be different for the car and for the tires. For the car, you’ll find it written on this white sticker in the driver door… (opens the door and studies the sticker)… buuttt your car doesn’t have it. Sooo, I guess we’ll just go with your tire pressure.” Hahaha, super… my car is either defective or so old that it doesn’t abide by normal guidelines.

Before she could start to find my tire pressure, I stopped her. “Ooh, let me find it on my own!” I said. (I remembered that it was written on the tire itself.) A couple of minutes passed with me looking at some of the tires.  “Do you even know what you’re looking for?”    …”No.”

She just started laughing at me and showed me the PSI number. I was now finally ready to hit up the air pump.

Other than the fact that one tire’s pressure was very, very low, this part was uneventful. Although, I will say that after inserting my precious quarters, I felt like I was in a contest to try to fill tires the fastest. I was so afraid that my pump time would run out before I was done, so I was frantically running from tire to tire, trying not to get the pump hose tangled. I could hear the countdown music in my head, and luckily finished before my time ran out.

When I was done, I felt pretty satisfied with my work, returned the hose to the pump and got in my car, ready to leave. I looked expectantly at Bec, who was still just standing outside by the car, wondering why she wasn’t moving. The look she was giving me was pointedly telling me something, and I noticed she was holding back laughter. In the same second I opened my mouth to ask her what was wrong, my eyes traveled down to the hood of the car, and I spotted the source of her actions. There, sitting so nicely above all my tires, were my four, little air caps, just waiting to be lost and forgotten.

I’ll never get this right…

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2 Comments on “Day 97: Lucy’s tires needed air…”

  1. Deb Says:

    hahahaa…I’m really seriously impressed Bek knew what to do…I don’t even know how to do that lol!

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