Day 96: My Emergency Escape Route

One of my biggest fears in life is having someone break into my home my while I am there. Due to my hyper-active brain and nerves, I have always had detailed plans of escape in case such a situation were to arise. At least, I’ve had these plans in my head. I have never actually tested any of them. Well, tonight I decided that if I was going to be prepared for a life-threatening situation, I had better practice a run-through of my emergency escape plans.

My parents go away a lot for days or weeks so I am left alone in the house, and these are the times when I sleep with my bedroom door locked. I knew I had a great escape route: outside my bedroom window, the slanted roof leads to a tree! Perfect. Hop out the window, slide down the roof, climb into the tree, hit the grass and run. This plan was the only thing that kept me sleeping on the nights I was home alone. And let me tell you, there have been so many nights that I fallen asleep thinking of ways to improve my plan or how to handle any glitches that might arise.

I will admit I was very surprised that my Dad, upon hearing my plan to practice my escape, didn’t tell me I wasn’t allowed to do it. I thought for sure he would tell me that he didn’t want the roof or tree getting messed up or that it was too dangerous. All I got from him was a simple, “You know, if you fall in those bushes below the roof, it’s going to really hurt.” Yes, yes I knew that, but I would be careful.

So with my mom standing in my room, armed with a flashlight and camera, I made my way out of the window, onto the roof. I will admit I was really scared that something would go wrong. It didn’t help that it freakin’ rained and everything was wet!

I inched my way down the roof to the tree and found out it was a piece of cake- the roof was super sturdy and not slippery at all. (Note: I realized I was wearing sneakers, and if I was truly escaping, I would most likely not have time to put them on.) I also astonishingly realized that this was my first time being on a roof! Crazy, right?

Next came the trickier part: getting into the tree. To my horror, I discovered that the thick branches didn’t come as near to the roof as I had originally thought. This was going to be a bit difficult. I moved around some leaves and branches, trying to first find out where exactly the thick ones were and what was available to step on or hold onto. The possibilities were slim. Very slim. There were two branches that could be potentials to stand on, except there were none above for me to hold onto to make the transfer or keep my balance! I realized that there was one way that would probably be the best way, however it was still risky. Talking out this possibility with me, my ‘positive thinking’ mom came to the conclusion that, “if you step on the end of that branch while holding on to the top part, and it does break, you could at least probably grab that one over there while going down.”

Yea, this was not good. After minutes of going over more options, my mom once again gave me her ever-wise advice and encouragement. “You don’t have to do it. If you break your back and become paralyzed, I’m not taking care of you in a wheelchair for the rest of your life.” Thanks, Mom.

Her comment did make me think, though. There were some possibilities of getting into the tree, but there were no safe possibilities. The fact that I was stalling from even attempting one of the possibilities due to the fear I was feeling told me that this was a bad idea. So maybe if a man was trying to get into my room, I could jump and catapult myself into the tree by sheer adrenaline, but there was no point in putting myself in a dangerous situation if I don’t have to. I came to the realization that my stubborn pride was getting in the way of my clear thinking, and feeling defeated, made my way back into my window.

Even though my escape was unsuccessful, it was still a new experience, interesting and scary.

You know what this means, don’t you? My escape route doesn’t work. I have no escape route from my bedroom. I HAVE NO ESCAPE ROUTE FROM MY BEDROOM! I’M TRAPPED! I’M LIKE A SITTING DUCK, READY TO BE SHOT!

I’m going to lose so many nights of sleep…

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One Comment on “Day 96: My Emergency Escape Route”

  1. Chelsea Knechel Says:

    I loved so many things about this post…the wet butt picture, the thing about the end about being trapped with no escape route, your parents comments…
    You’re almost at day 100…just saying. :)

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